They impart a beautiful pink color to jellies and cocktails, and peonies taste just like they smell. All of mine are the “double petaled” varieties, and there’s no way a bee is getting in to work that blossom. You can find it at:Tak | partriches & pyes þat flen, & roste hem þat þey be half ynow. The blooms make a ton of them and I was wondering if I could dry them and put them in dishes similar to saffron rice.Thank you – that’s a super interesting post and my hunt for whether my seeds are edible led me to your website which I love! I love it when I discover things growing in my garden have another use.


It isn’t an abortifacient but is emmenagogic – capable of stimulating the menstrual flow even when it is not due, and to be avoided during pregnancy as it can induce miscarriage. I’ve seen mostly savory recipes using them with chicken, but I imagine you could try them in all manner of savory dishes.I’m an off-grid homesteader in rural Vermont and the author of Practical Self Reliance, a blog that helps people find practical ways to become more self-reliant. The edible flowers, on the other hand, are a real treat. Included are a number of herbs and vegetables that have edible flowers in addition to other edible parts. The dogs go wild for them and I wondered whether I ought to try them too.Love your site, do you have recipes for cooking the peony petals, do you saute them like onions and mushrooms? Organic gardens are best, or you can get edible flowers at your favorite grocery store, farmer's market, or fromThere you have it, my top list for edible flowers and their tastes. I have a huge bush of the single petal variety that I let go to seed this spring. It is important not to eat flowers that have been sprayed with chemicals. Peonies are beautiful flowers that fetch high prices as both cut blossoms and potted perennials. Peony is definitely a magical plant.

They’re commonly used in bridal bouquets, where their beautiful petals fill the room with both color and scent. I find I love the short-lasting flowers too much to do anything more than enjoy them, but the leaves last all summer long — any uses for them that you can think of?Hmm…good question. Now knowing that peonies are edible is just icing on the cake.Though peonies are not commonly eaten today, they were a common part of medieval cooking when in season. These tough flowers tolerate a lot of abuse and neglect, though pests and diseases can create problems with growing petunias.

Here are the most common:are nearly microscopic pests that suck the juices directly out of petunia cells. According to  (uses peony fragrance oil, but could just use blossoms) from A Pumpkin and A Princess

I really didn’t see the point in tending flowers, when I could tend vegetables instead and feed my family. Are Purple Petunia's eatable? I was told once that the fancy peonies of today are only propagated by root divisions because the flowers have so many petals that the bees cannot properly pollinate them.

The colors and tastes are wonderful and add to any dish or drink you make. Beyond that, long ago I read that they were used as a drink flavoring for summertime beverages in the middle ages, at least for households affluent enough to support a peony patch.While the roots and seeds are also edible, the blossoms are the most commonly used part used these days.

Simple sugar or salt scrubs can be made by blending the blossoms with salt/sugar in a food processor. Blend in a bit of I didn’t know Peonies are edible I certainly will try it out.Thank you. Peony sugar scrub is incredibly easy to make, and just involves putting the petals in a food processor with a bit of sugar.

Today this nearly lost art is enjoying a revival. Everyone loves flowers and their beauty, but there is another side of them some don't know about: Some flowers are edible. Can't imagine they would be that tasty though. Many Asian cultures use the lily bulb, especially Lilium lancifolium, in traditional cuisine to this day. Willoughby.

Are Petunias Edible. Thus the recipes are often Oriental in nature.

Photo of edible flowers picked in Linda’s garden in July (lavender, thyme, dill, cilantro, day lily, squash blossom, Nasturtiums, chives, and basil).

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