Belle was our first Shih Tzu we gave our daughter for her birthday & she was the reason we fell in love with the Shih Tzu puppies! But as many shepherd owners learn, it can take a while for pups to acquire that signature pointy-eared look.Have you ever wondered why the tails of certain breeds-including the Boxer-are shortened?

The Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed, weighing from 4 to 7.25 kilograms when fully grown. Very simply, it's a matter of genetics. Here's the long and short of it. That's because the breed is well known for changing coat colors as he enters adulthood. A liver coated dog will more than likely have light brown or golden colored eyes.If your Shih Tzu has a blue coat, it is quite likely that the eyes will also be blue.Blue eyes in a Shih Tzu are quite rare. mandatory D. The Shih Tzu was a favored house pet during the Ming dynasty and was highly prized by the royal family. 1385-1393.Grandin, Temple.

Very thick and long coats will also tangle more quickly.So, the longer and fuller the hair of your dog, the more time you will need to devote to The more attention you give to the grooming of your dog’s hair, the better pigmentation it will have.The coat color for Shih Tzus runs quite deep.

Black and white Shih Tzus will not change color.It is a Chinese phrase that means ‘miniature lion.’The Shih Tzu breed comes in a wonderful variety of coat colors that enhance the beauty and cuteness of this most special of pets.Remember, though, that the color of a puppy may change as the dog grows.Eye color is usually black, but may change in accordance with the points of the dog.It was sad to hear about Ole.

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Liver – An official Shih Tzu color of liver does not refer to the color of the coat but to the points of the dog. Gold – A gold colored Shih Tzu will appear to be yellowish brown. Chocolate Labs may not live as long as Black and Yellow Labs. “Heritability and Segregation Analysis of Deafness in U.S. Dalmatians.” Genetics, vol. Does it appear clean and well maintained?These questions can help you determine if there is any potential of your puppy inheriting unwanted personality traits and how well the breeder has been taking care of their animals.After all, you wouldn’t want a puppy from someone who seems to be neglecting to properly care for the animals and their shelter.Though observing the behavior of the parent dogs can be helpful, it’s not always indicative of how your puppy will turn out.

A good rule of thumb when choosing a Shih Tzu puppy is never to base your decision on color.

Fatty fish such as salmon will provide both lean protein and fatty acids.The color of your Shih Tzu’s eyes are not determined by the color of the coat.Rather, it’s the color of the nose and muzzle that sets the color of the eyes.However, it is common for dogs that have a liver or blue coat to have a different eye color. (281) 201-7529. However, this is the result of a genetic defect, so is quite rare.If the eye color of your Shih Tzu changes from black to blue, you should check with your veterinarian.Yes, this is usually the case.

The distinctive large eyes can easily be scratched which may cause an ulcer. We made some exciting additions to our program this year, including 2 new chocolate girls Tifa and Elly. And for those who just have a Shih Tzu as a family pet, what matters most is that you have a healthy, loving companion—no matter what his color.German Shepherds are among the most social breeds in the canine world. In fact, by the time your Shih Tzu celebrates his first birthday, he may be a completely different color than he was when you brought him home.For example, a puppy that has gold hair at birth may turn orange and one that is blue at birth can turn gray by his first birthday—and those born black may lighten over time. Blue and liver Shih Tzu dogs lack black pigmentation.The pigmentation will be where the color is most obvious: the eye rims, nose, paw pads, etc.

However, if a brown and white Shih Tzu has a black nose, it may in fact be considered a red/white, brindle/white, gold/white or other color combination. On our clothes and everywhere.You should try The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. “The Way I See It: The Dangers of Trait Over-Selection.” Western Horseman, Aug. 1998, pp. We love our puppies and know you will too! Basically, be sure your puppy’s parents have a good health history.If you get your dog from a responsible breeder, they should be able to share health tests that have been performed on the parents. In fact, by the time your Shih Tzu celebrates his first birthday, he may be a completely different color than he was when you brought him home.

one female and one male I am in hialeah florida hablo español 120-124.Kluth, Susanne and Ottmar Distl. However some pigments will fade as the dog ages with new shades taking their place.And the health of the coat is vital to the overall good health of your pet.That makes it vital to get a good source of lean protein in the diet of your Shih Tzu.If your Shih Tzu is deficient in protein, its hair will become dull, dry and brittle.Fatty acids are also important to the healthy coat of your Shih Tzu.Be sure to feed your dog plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids. 100, Nov. 2006, pp. The breed was developed in Tibet. I do have more pictures of these cuties per request! Sometimes they are an indication of health problems.This is the case if the eyes were black or brown but have recently turned blue or cloudy.This may be a sign that your dog has glaucoma or cataracts. 3, Mar.

You can reach me via email at [email protected] . Some dogs have allergies which causes excess discharge around the eye. Older Shih Tzu are known to develop cataracts which can be corrected with surgery. “Heritability of Dominant–aggressive Behaviour in English Cocker Spaniels.” Applied Animal Behaviour Science, vol. The breed was developed in China.

Liver dogs will have brown that will vary from very pale to a deep dark chocolate.

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