The reason for the stoppage was prisoners being served rotten food and overall being treated poorly. This is the story of how the Folk alliance expanded in prison then a year later Folk and People concepts ended up on the streets and that’s when the Spanish Gangster Disciple gang ended up at the intersection of 87th and Houston in Chicago’s South Chicago neighborhood.At some point, Leureano “Shakey” Ramos, the Milwaukee King leader and founder saved the leader of the Black Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover’s life in prison which got him much respect within the Folk alliance. – Serve the Nation and IGD with full loyalty.

This was done so each organization had alibis at the time of the assassinations and the police would be confused on why someone of another race was taking out an individual from a different race group.
The Spanish Cobras became the Insane Spanish Cobras and their closest allies at the time would take on the same first name. The Yellow Brick Road was laid by the wisemen and David told of the Yellow Brick Road, by knowing what is under it will prepare you for your life’s journey. At first, Hoover didn’t want IGD to exist in any form. Each men ruled their own nations separately and ruled the B.G.D.N as equal “Kings.”After David Barksdale passed away in 1974 some Black Disciples began to rebel against the B.G.D.N and split away from it. By Insane Throttle September 25, 2019 September 24, 2019. Destroy because they tried to destroy the Nation. The People allies saw this as a threat and responded by invited new gangs of their own into the People alliance in the prison system that year. The Bloods or Vice Lords or anybody else that rolls with them are our enemies and they deserve death. Carré. IGD controls and performs all controlled or sanctioned hits. 29/08/2019 21:48 Jokfeur Membre Inscription : 16/08/2019 Messages : 120. David smiled and said, “It happened as it should have.” First, women are the birth givers and the white panther is like our queen, they secure the future of the Nation, so therefore the queen or the woman is one of the Nation’s most important assets. Those that were already Maniac now were identified openly as Maniacs such as: Between the years 1992 and 1994 flare ups and temporary wars continued but could be smoothed over as before, however, the time period between peaceful periods became much shorter and hard feelings settled in more. Information within these profiles may vary from region-to-region and should not be used to 100% document gang membership, activity and/or gang crimes. At this point periods of peace were far less frequent and weak than periods of war.In 1997, the war became permanent after more murders occurred.

Love your brothers. In that same year of 1978, the ULO gangs all joined the Folk alliance in the prison system alongside the Black Gangster Disciple nation bringing them close to Ambrose, Ashland Vikings and Simon City Royals. King Vic had been the head of SGD since he helped create it but not Larry Hoover placed Shakey in charge of SGD as Larry Hoover had governing power over the SGDs due to them being sponsored by the BGDs and being given permission to create this organization. Sheba’s panther was female and Hoover’s panther was male, so Hoover said, “David, let’s cause the two panthers to fight and see which one will win.” They kept tapping the panthers faces together until the white panther struck out at the black panther until it drew blood then the black panther struck back in defense but it was already hurt and Sheba’s panther after a while killed Hoover’s. His reason was, “We have to keep a four directional war from taking place.” But Solomon convinced him, Shorty Mac, and Dundee that he could create a set that would be entirely secret and could strike fear into all the enemies of the Nation.He hired these people for training except the bums.
The Harrison Gents, Two Two Boys, Latin Lovers, Latin Jivers, Milwaukee Kings, Orquestra Albany were new additions to Folk/SGD in 1980. 29/08/2019 21:53 Jokfeur Membre Inscription : 16/08/2019 Messages : 120. The Latin Lovers petitioned to join the alliance but Imperial Gangsters objected and the Lovers joined Insane instead.In the year 1995, the Harrison Gents joined the Almighty family after feuding with fellow Insanes.The Almighty family gangs do not operate as closely as Insanes and Maniacs. Plan for reaction and follow through with your mission.Do not fail because to fail is to show a weakness and IGD is not weak. Hors ligne #74.

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