As always, if you put it over a light-colored substrate, the speckling will fade.

You don’t want them to get stabbed or cut.

It's too young to know what gender it is. Gender is not guaranteed, but looks possibly female.As always, keep over black substrate to minimize fading (see Colors page for more info.

That Is the Axolotl. FOR SALE.

Gender is not guaranteed, but so far it looks female.

Buy an Axolotl.

Home. Axolotl Information. Can’t find what you are looking for? ).This lightly-speckled leucistic is 8-9 inches long.

Kind of a medium-light gold in color. I think the pictures came out okay, though.

This 5-inch juvenile has a nice combination of facial markings and long gills.

They are a large species, and are a popular choice for enthusiastsThe Rose Hair Tarantula is also known in the United States as the Chilean rose tarantula, Chilean flame tarantula, Chilean fire tarantula or the Chilean red-haired tarantula.

This gold albino is approximately 5 inches long.

It has some patches of whitish-grayish coloring on its sides that are very interesting. Care Guide.

As the pictures show, color looks a bit different depending on the lighting. He caught my eye when he was small because of all the markings on his face and sides. Juvenile Axolotls (See Colors page for description of each type) Super nice gills and just overall gorgeous. Basically a medium gold color. 3-4 inch Copper Axanthic . Slight yellow or cream tint in color.

any orders after Sunday have to wait until the following week for shipping. Gender unknown.This leucistic is 9 inches long. It has just a touch of GFP, which seems to be visible only on its face (see picture).

As always, keep over black substrate for the best speckling.

If no one will be available, let us know before we ship and we'll have your package held at your local post office for you to pick up.This speckled leucistic is 8-9 inches long.

The basilisk is called “king” because it is known to have on its head a crown-shaped crest.The Pogona, or bearded dragons, are adept climbers, spending time on branches and in bushes and near human habitation.The Boa constrictor is a species of large, heavy-bodied snakes.The clawed toad gets its name from the three short claws on each hind foot, which it uses to tear apart its food.The corn snake, or red rat snake, is a North American species of rat snake that subdues its small prey by constrictionThis species was thought extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994.The African Fat-tailed gecko is found in West Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon.

This leucistic is approximately 8 inches long. Nice gills and some speckling on  its rear legs.

as many times as they need too!I’m glad you found my page! No guarantee it will stay that way as it grows up, but if it does, it's going to be really unusual!It's too young to know gender. If housed over a light substrate, you'll see a lot less black.

It's too young to know gender. Price reduced because of a notch on the bottom of the tail fin (see picture). See the third picture above using a flash to show the coloring better.

5-6 inches long and sporting a nice fluffy mane of gills.Here's a nice RLG white albino, approximately 7 inches long. A nice little split mosaic, approximately 4 inches long. This leucistic is 7-8 inches long.

It's too young to know what gender it is. Axolotl City community, resources / library, marketplace, buy Axolotls for sale. There are a few small notches in the tail fin (see pictures). Plus some smudges on the belly and what looks like gray lipstick on the bottom jaw. This leucistic has light gray speckling and is 6-7 inches long. Nice gills. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 45.00 Read more.

If you decide you do not want the one(s) you paid for, you can take what you spent and use it as credit towards any Axolotls up for sale – for up to three months. He/she is 6.75 inches long, approximately 7 months old.

About 4.5 inches long. As always, keep over black substrate to minimize fading.This leucistic has a little light speckling and is 8-9 inches long. NORTHERN AXOLOTLS. As always, keep over black substrate to minimize fading.This one is 8-9 inches long.

As always, keep over dark substrate to minimize fading.This cutie is 5-6 inches long. (south florida >) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Price is reduced because the end of the tail is a bit ragged. Approximately 5 inches long. Length is 7-8 inches.

Please refer to our Colors page to make sure you understand that it may fade in color if kept over a light substrate. ).This RLG speckled leucistic is 8-9 inches long.

Gender is not guaranteed, but it looks like it might turn out to be male.This albino is 8- 9 inches long.; Dublin, Georgia 5.5 inches long, with very nice gills. Available for Sale.

Since 2001 Has Only Bred One Animal Species.

It has a small notch in the top fin. Archie 9" Axolotl plushie. Gender unknown.

It's too young to know what gender it is.

If he were housed over a black substrate, he would probably be rather dark.

This albino is approximately 8 inches long. As always, keep over black substrate to minimize fading (see Colors page for more info. As always, keep over black substrate to minimize fading (see Colors page for more info. Price reduced because it has a couple of pieces missing from the bottom tail fin (see picture). Tracking number is provided when we ship. This one is 5 inches long. Gender not guaranteed, but looks like maybe a male. Price reduced because the end of the tail is ragged.

This speckled leucistic is 5-6 inches long. You will get one of these, but you won't know which one (we choose for you)!

Lots of black on the face, gills, and top.

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