Keep in mind that starting hero would not affect your journey, because, after some hours of play, you will be having better heroes as compared to the heroes that the game asks you to choose to start the journey. Attack > Def > Health > Pet. Each promotion allows the hero to be leveled up 3 more times as well as increasing the number of upgrades that can be applied to the hero, such as increasing the maximum amount of elixirs and allowing you to level up their special ability more times.The maximum promotion level is +10. With so many heroes available in Battle Breakers, I could say that building the perfect team is probably the main challenge of the game. Cuddle Team Leader has proven to hold their own into the endgame and can be found as a very useful utility hero, with her AOE stun and her commander ability.Save the World can NOT be bought or played on mobile or Switch and must be done via PC, Xbox One, or PS4.Your Starter Hero and Any 6 Hero you manage to pull – Like most Hero Collectors, your starter and 6 * heroes tend to be the strongest overall. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Pets cannot be upgraded and scale with you.The following orders seem to be the most efficient. But I am here to help by sharing a guide on how to build an amazing team in Battle Breakers. Welcome to the Battle Breakers Wiki Battle Breakers is a new tactical role-playing game developed by Epic Games for mobile and PC. Now its up to you to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and take back your planet - one break at a time! there are 8 total Super rare choices before loops back to choice 1.These heroes are extremely powerful so choose Wisely.Occasionally, you will see items called proximity locators when you see the end of level loot These proximity locators are used to summon common and uncommon heroes which can be wonderful food for your pit or sold for essences and CHTs.Hammer Chests are an additional way to get every resource in the game. Gems are primarily found by having your first clear of any level at every star level. The text in green is what gets upgraded as you upgrade the skill.Gems are the main currency of the game. If you are P2W then I would mainly spend gems on chest like Heroic chest, Money laundry, Super Magic chest, and the Magic Chest Bundles.
Create a team of ninjas, mages, robots and dinosaurs to defeat the monsters that have infested every corner of the Kingdom, from ice sheets and lava fields to ancient forests and sheer mountains. The game will flood you with gems early and often.These do dry up fairly quickly toward the endgame so spend wisely. Gems can also be found in various other places, such as daily login and BP levels.If you are F2P then I would only recommend buying the Heroic chest as well, as these give you the best value for your gems. Just think before you spend your gems.Many Pets are like heroes, they have many different purposes; most pets have some sort of damaging or mitigation abilities such as taking hits for your team or having a high damage output.Pets can be used once per level (each) and can potentially swing the tide of a fight that’s going poorly by offering a bit of utility to your team. As soon as you complete the Battle Breakers tutorial that guides you to the basic battle mechanics, you will be asked to choose a starting hero. There are 20 skybreaker maps, once you have completed all 20 you will loop back to map 1.As you collect CHTs you will move along the map Each map has 4 nodes costing 100 CHTs to travel to with the 5th costing 500.Nodes 1-4 will typically offer a choice of 3 Rare heroes and grants 1 LHT and Node 5 Will offer a choice of 3 Very Rare heroes and grants 5 LHTs , the positions of these heroes IS constant and will be the same on every skybreaker loop.

See the Tier list to see what 6* is better than the other.Level up your hero with hero EXP The level cap is increased via Headquarters upgrade (Building Guide section) and Promote (below).Promotions are upgrades to a hero that cost gold, essence and power sources. If you have a 6* you can often upgrade without regret and there are a handful of 5* heroes that are viable late game.The Fortnite Heroes – Ramirez, Jess, Kyle, Cuddle Team Leader: Ramirez is obtained by owning a copy of the Founder’s Edition of Save the World. Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Tier Unlocks – Tiers 81 to 90. Build, fortify, and upgrade the ancient Sky Tower to strengthen your citizens and reinforce your defenses. There are hundreds of heroes that you can recruit – some way sooner than others, and each with different stats, roles and skills.

Battle Breakers : Ultimate Begginer Guide, Tips – 2020 Updated!
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