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Dylan doesn't fall in. Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria pressing denoted by "S" etch in runouts. Listen to "Idiot Wind."

Pressed by Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute per 'T' in runouts.

In this album, he is as personal and as universal as Yeats or Blake; speaking for himself, risking that dangerous opening of the veins, he speaks for us all. Original issue, liner notes in black font on rear cover. The compression of story is masterful, but its real wonder is in the spaces, in what the artist left out of his painting. As of 2004, Blood On The Tracks was the #96 best-selling album of the 70s. In the teargas in 1968 Chicago, they hurled Dylan at the walls of the great hotels, where the infected drew the blinds, and their butlers ordered up the bayonets. Just picked up the record but no sleeve...many thanks Dylan remains.So forget the clenched young scholars who analyze his rhymes into dust. Just picked up the RSD NYC mix Test press. Dylan's art feels, and invites us to join him.That quality is in all the work in this collection, the long, major works, the casual drawings and etchings.

Italic font for 'Side 1 / Side 2' text differs from Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks. First pressing with liner notes set in black type. It should not be reduced to notes, or taken out of context; it should be experienced in full. I appear to have a copy of the original pressing BUT it is a promo copy. It was not confined to the Oran of Camus.

Dylan here tips his hat to Rimbaud and Verlaine, knowing all about the seasons in hell, but he insists on his right to speak of love, that human emotion that still exists, in Faulkner's phrase, in spite of, not because.And yes, there is humor here too, a small grin pasted over the hurt, delivered almost casually, as if the poet could control the chaos of feeling with a few simply chosen words:A simple song. Remember that he gave us voice, When our innocence died forever, Bob Dylan made that moment into art. The crowds have moved back off the stage of history; we are left with the solitary human, a single hair on the skin of the earth. But most of all, it blows through the human heart. If we listen, if we work at it, we fill up the mystery, we expand and inhabit the work of art.

This is the first-issue with liner notes in black font on rear cover. Let me know, thanks so much Blood On The Tracks topped the US charts and managed a Number Four placing in the UK, in the "Tangled Up In Blue" it also gave Dylan his biggest US single hit since "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," two years earlier. And here at home, something died. All rights reserved.Download sheet music from this and other Bob Dylan albumsCOLUMBIA and "Walking Eye" Design are registered trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment.Visit for social networking safety tips for parents and youth. Due to a printing error, four pages were left out of the handwritten lyric notebook included in the Deluxe Edition of ‘More Blood, More Tracks…

Used by Permission. And yet is can also stand as the anthem for all who feel invaded, handled, bottled, packaged; all who spent themselves in combat with the plague; all who ever walked into the knives of humiliation or hatred. Bob Dylan asked Hamill to write the liner notes for "Blood on the Tracks," winning Hamill a Grammy.

The infected young men machine-gunned babies in Asian ditches; they marshalled metal death through the mighty clouds, up above God's green earth, released it in silent streams, and moved on, while the hospitals exploded and green fields were churned to mud.And here at home, something died. Blood on the Tracks serves, in short, as a consummate expression of love’s darker sides and the consequences of what happens when dreams unravel. Music drove them; they always knew they were near New York when they picked up Symphony Sid on the radio. That song, and some of the other love poems in this collection, seem to me absolutely right, in this moment at the end of wars, as all of us, old, young, middle-aged, men and women, are searching for some simple things to believe in. And it made me think of Ginsberg and Corso and Ferlinghetti, and most of all, Kerouac, racing Deam Mariarty across the country in the Fifties, embracing wind and night, passing Huck Finn on the riverbanks, bouncing against the Coast, and heading back again, with Kerouac dreaming his songs of the railroad earth. Don't mistake him for Isaiah, or a magazine cover, or a leader of guitar armies. They are the poems of a survivor. I'd never seen one, though, until I was going through a friend's records recently. Free shipping for many products! The warning voice of the innocent boy is no longer here, because Dylan has chosen not to remain a boy. No. Robert F. Kennedy asked Hamill to quit journalism to help him run for president. The wonder is that he survived.That is no small thing. News Flash – we are not perfect!

Any ideas?

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