It includes ten different servers for the PC/Mac editions of Minecraft that are kid-friendly, pro-social, and fun to play in. (gamer girls allowed) Join our SUPER EPIC server, where we talk about interesting stuff, like hit or miss. Your kid’s interests will likely change as they get to know the ins and outs of the different modes of play so keep this list handy. That will allow you to communicate about things that are going on in the game. They have a land and chest protection feature so kids can claim a section of the map as their own and can even apply to have one of their builds designated with landmark status. Players are able to lock their chests and secure belongings and they have a ticket system in place for investigating griefing complaints. You can play with your friends, unite into gangs, achieve your own goals and just have fun. :P Anyway, please may a boy make me aserver on a super flat world with no villagers. Find the best Minecraft servers with our multiplayer server list. 15 We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! The moderators are helpful, and many are the parents are children who play on the server. Look for servers that advertise kid-friendly, safe moderation. Play minigames with friends, deploy your custom mods, and add-ons on your own private hosted Minecraft server. While they may not always answer, the questions open a dialogue with your kids about their play and give them a chance to show off what they built.. Now I want to get practical, and help you find a server that is right for your family.Allowing your child to join an online Minecraft server may feel scary. All rights reserved. :D (Pretty much my girls only server for boys)hi i am a boy can i plz join my username is do_not_3nterhey bro ima join real quik but I was wondering if I could become a admin or staff Knowing how to spot kid-friendly Minecraft servers is an important parent superpower to have. The forums are always a good place for your child to post questions about conduct on the server and to talk through their experiences with other players.While it is very likely that your child is better at Minecraft than you are, playing with your kids will give you an idea of what the server environment and community of players is like. For example, if your child is on a PvP server it is within the rules of the game to take items from other players. - YouTube Completed games are included on their server, so anyone can play them!Almost all servers have some kind of landing zone where players go when they first log in to the server (sometimes called “lobbies”) and The Sandlot’s Harry Potter-inspired lobby is one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and imaginative. Not all Minecraft servers are equal when it comes to providing a positive environment for younger players.I’ll start with a quick overview of what I looked for in a server before sharing my picks for the 10 best Minecraft servers for kids.First, you’ll want to check your child for readiness. Minecraft PE Servers. The culture of a server reflects the values of the person or group running it. Browse detailed information on each server and vote for your favourite. :P Anyway, please may a boy make me aserver on a super flat world with no villagers. Like several of the servers on our list CrazyPig is organized around a bunch of different interconnected worlds, including easy, hard, and extra hard survival worlds, a mini game world, and a creative mode world where kids are assigned one or more “plots” to build in. Kid-Friendly Minecraft Server Checklist Clear code of conduct. And make it bukkit. This is a great starter server for young players and for parents looking for a really supportive play environment for their kids.
Use this simple checklist to find ones that work for your family, or to design a server community of your own. Minecraft Forum; Servers: Java Edition; PC Servers; Girls Only Server . Hopefully this post was useful and if there is more you’d like to know about how to evaluate a server, post a comment and let me know. In the meantime, if need a Minecraft refresher, check out our 14 FoohyEraserFTW.

Coins can be used to buy stuff in shops and also to claim pieces of land, which keeps others players from building on your child’s plot. The server is friendly to children on the autism spectrum and admins work closely with those parents during server resets to minimize the impact on their children.
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