Seems that Nick jr. The guppies get to play "Batterball" after learning about safety and all the equipment in the kitchen. The Bubble Guppies learn about baby animals and the mystical Oyster Bunny. Gil navigates across the Arctic and the other Guppies learn about Arctic animals along the way. Bubble Boy (Gil) and Guppy Girl (Molly) have to stop Sid Fishy (Molly and Gil and their friends are invited to Buddy the dolphin's first birthday party. The queen's daughter, Demanda, must use her manners if she wants to become a princess. Gil gets magically transported inside his favorite books in an attempt to find his library card. The Bubble Guppies head to the veterinarian in hopes that he will get better. Hansel and Gretel have to get Bubble Puppy and Bubble Kitty home safe to the Furry Godmother, but they’re being stalked by a witch. The guppies must save Bubbledom from the Night Wizard (Note: This episode has almost no interaction with the viewers. They turn nectar into honey which is a lot of teamwork. Streaming now . Oona's friend Avi breaks a bone in his tail after being involved in a tricycle accident and is sent to a hospital via a "clambulance". Explore the seasons and episodes available to watch with your Kids PassThousands of ad-free kids TV episodes available instantly On DemandWant even more great TV? Mr Grouper also talks about bones and what doctors do like listening to hearts and getting shots. Eventually, he learns to use taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell to navigate around a shopping mall to find the glasses store to retrieve his glasses after they have been fixed.

Titre série. Bubulle Guppies; Saison 5; Épisode 7; Bubulle Guppies • S05E07 : Épisode 7 ← Épisode précédent; Diffusé le 10/02/2020 ← Épisode précédent; Histoire, Images & Casting 20 épisodes Saison 1: 2011 19 épisodes Saison 2: 2011 29 épisodes Saison 3: 2013 13 épisodes Saison 4: 2015 7 épisodes Saison 5: 2019. On February 19, 2020, the show was renewed for a sixth season.

The conductor leaves to get his camera so he can take a picture of the flying saucer, leaving nobody to conduct. As the day goes by, he becomes a frog, and is invited to the running of the bullfrogs and return to the pond. Note: In the wake of protests against police brutality following the The Bubble Guppies watch elephants playing basketball. When the Sea Witch steal the Bubble Guppies' magical jewels so she can rule the Seven Seas, the Guppies must stop her and get their jewels back before it's too late, with the help of their new guppy friend, Zooli. Goby and Gil go on a quest to get a geode at the top of a volcano, then try to make it back to the Rocky Valley Rock Show in time to enter the contest for best rock. The Bubble Guppies learn about taking off in an airplane. Bubulle Guppies. Saison 7 (39/53) - Les docteurs . Disponible 6j. After being rescued by the firefighters, Gil rescues the Fire Department after their fire dog gets stuck in a tree while chasing a squirrel. Prochaine épisode dans . Saison 5 (6/13) - La géode. Molly hopes to become beach queen at the Beach Ball, but so does her friend Sandy (voiced by guest star The Guppies are invited to go to a circus to perform. Voicing Molly and her singing voice gave me many memories in the studio. On Instagram, Brianna Gentilella had made an Annocement saying: "Bubble Guppies was the best show I ever did. When Nonny, Gil, and Zooli conjure a genie, she promises to grant them any wish they want. Hé, Oua-Oua. The Bubble Guppies watch a marching band, but a duck interrupts it, so Nonny ends up leading it. When Mr. Grumpfish turns up in Happy Junction, he makes everyone in town really grumpy, including Sheriff Molly, who must find a way to help everyone handle their tricky emotions.
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