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Bear in mind that the egg's purpose is to provide nutrients to the unhatched chick, and so it would be unlikely to contain any harmful substances. Boiled eggs are the best, though, because they retain more vitamin B12. Sorry for the picture quality, my son broke my good camera and though my camcorder can record video in HD it's still pictures are only 1 megapixil.

I don't have a pond so during the swan part of the auction I usually use that time to get something to eat and whatnot. 12 Years. It is possible to eat swan, and it is supposed to be very tasty, but it is illegal. In the mean time, the pair will engage in more mating and courtship, so as you can appreciate, it’s a demanding time for the pen.
I have two female mute swans and no male and they are laying eggsI don't know ab eating them but I'm an egg artist and would love to get some infertile swan eggs. During a lot of this time she will be dosing, preening, building/arranging the nest and turning the eggs. 1 decade ago. JavaScript is disabled. Top Answer. Apr 21, 2008 #8 Kanchii Songster. Relevance. If you get sick of boiled eggs after a few days, you can try scrambled eggs instead as long as you prepare them without oil. Lv 4. Grimread. Wiki User.

The b. rock might be too close to size and colors I already have a lot of- ab how big are the peafowl? Favourite answer. But as you can imagine after reading the section Swans’ Eggs, they are not all going to be laid in one go.As you know, it takes around one to two days for a swan to create an egg, after mating has occurred – see sections Swans’ Eggs and Swans Mating Ritual. Sep 8, 2007 2,565 11 216 San Rafael, California. Answer Save. Quote:I think it says its $126 for however many eggs are laid in the next 5 days. You must log in or register to reply here. I actually tried to eat them and it was pretty good actuallyMy aunt gave me 6 mute swan eggs and 3 peafowl. Only one egg can be produced at a time, so as you can imagine, it could take two weeks for a complete clutch of six eggs to be laid by the pen.Swans incubate their eggs over a lengthy time period – the average is around 35 to 36 days. 9 10 11.

14 Answers. Could I eat a swan or crow's egg? Swan eggs, 4 1/2" x 3" green speckled eggs, There are 6 and after trying to blow rotten egg … 2011-09-12 14:43:18 2011-09-12 14:43:18. Turkey sized? Can you eat swan? Chicken egg - peafowl egg - swan egg.

Foxes, otters and mink have been known to eat swan eggs. Are all eggs edible. They may not taste the same, though. ‘If you want monogamy’, the saying goes, ‘marry a swan’; pairs generally stay together for life. So, I'm not sure on the prices, but I do know they are over $200 a swan. We need your amazing chicken photos for our 2021 Calendar! Answer. I thought she was bringing goose eggs and peafowl.I'm sorry I thought I responded to you but I think I didn't hit the send button. ​Swans lay on average around six eggs per clutch, but there’s a lot of variation, up to thirteen is the maximum I’ve reliably heard about. As far as I'm aware, any bird's egg would be edible. The divorce rate among Irish swans is around 3% per year.

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