Not really an issue with the hull but with poor installation techniques.

I use a hydrofoil instead of trim tabs and works like a charm. Thanks © 2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. But **** that chop is bad and almost any Carolina skiff. Similar type of fit/finish and pretty popular boats in that area, designed as fishing machines. But **** that chop is bad and almost any Carolina skiff. The Carolina skiff may experience hull slap when other boats would not, but then we are back to splitting hairs. St. Augustine Marina sells them. Thanks for other suggestions too! It sometimes gets an air bubble in the line, but you can push it out by accelerating to a few mph and dropping speed.

I fish 1-3 times a week. If they would have put reverse chines in the front V it would have pushed the spray down and not straight out so the wind can grab it and throw it in your face in my opinion. I have a 198 dlv and I love it. Check out this Used 2009 Carolina Skiff JVX16CC for sale in Naples, FL. The waterlogged hull is a condition caused by not sealing holes drilled when installing things like a center console. Anyways, I've fished it super skinny and 9 miles offshore. I owned a JVX 16 for 2 years and loved the boat at first. I was dead set on a C. Skiff JVX too...seemed like the perfect setup for what I do. Only advice I would give is to do an Internet search on Carolina skiff waterlogged hull and do about an hour of reading before you buy. The Suzuki may be an older year than the Yamaha. Asking for insight and advice on a boat purchase. I have a Mako 17 Pro Skiff. It's a good, solid boat. What did you decide on instead? I have been on the DLv but not the JVX. (Clockwise from top left): Sundance DX20, Carolina Skiff 18 JVX CC, Boston Whaler 210 Montauk, Scout 177 Sportfish, Stoner Abaco Skiff 20 Chris Woodward Before superlight pole-or-troll flats boats brought anglers to shallow waters for spooky bonefish and permit, the word “skiff” generally described a flat-bottom, rolled-edge workhorse used for all kinds of fishing. Get it with Bimini and family should also be good to go. It did well in chop because of the V hull in the front and didn't beat you like a J16, draft was about 8", was great on gas and you didn't have to trim the motor because of the flat bottom but, if there is any cross wind over about 8 mph you are going to get wet and I just couldn't stand it anymore and sold it. Solid boat for the money and the cooler holds ice really well. Appreciate all the feedback. Thanks Have they changed the front V chines? Since jvx is narrower. The jvx ride isn't as bad as dlx. Now take note, mine was a side console model so me and my partner couldn't stand up to keep the spray out of our faces but our lower bodies would still get soaked if it was a center console. You have to use the bilge to pump out any water you get in the boat. I'm considering one myself.What did you decide on instead? One has a 115 Suzuki and the other 115 Yamaha. Great gas mileage with my Suzuki. I have been on the DLv but not the JVX. I use two 18-19 foot boats at my boat club. Lots of used boats better than a carolina skiff for 20k for what its worth...flat bottom boats not fun in chop Make the forum great again.....consolidate general fishing with for sale or business but keep reports separate! It's a dry ride when it's not windy, but it's a skiff so of course wind will push the wash back if it's blowing pretty good. View this Saltwater Fishing and other Power boats on

I recommended the same boat to a friend of mine and he has been happy with it so far. I have a 198 dlv and I love it.

And you can beat em up pretty good. I took it out on the gulf when it was about 2-4 and worse in the inlet, no problem. Also, it's not actually self-bailing.

I have owned it for about two years now. Just super utilitarian. Last week a buddy took me duck hunting on his new Carolina Skiff J 16, and as far as center console boats go, this one was perfect for the job. The storage in the front is not 100% dry so keep that in mind. I wanted something with similar specs, ended up with a panga 19 and I love it. I have an 08 198 dlv and used to love it. Top 10 Choices for BoatersWellcraft 180 Fisherman: Family Fun in a Well-Built but Economical BoatBlue Wave 2200 Pure Bay: How to Build a Better Bay Boat You will learn how to manage these situations. The jvx ride isn't as bad as dlx.

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