The TMR editor opened up the BBC website first thing this past Friday morning, July 21st. (e.g. That he was horrified that he had received their dirty money. This is a TRUE STORY! N.B. (Read more at link) Since he was found so far away from Haiti (his Los Angeles home) it would  have to be assumed that the hit involved someone closer to home. That’s not an easy feat for a guy who’s 6’2.Linkin park in Haiti with Clintons holding the shirt with their Pedo logo band symbolFurther questions (and rabbit hole unto itself): Death of Chris Some disturbing tweets from Chester Bennington’s wife’s account have caused alarm over whether or not she had cheated on him and even encouraged him to take his own life. Shocker: Chester Bennington Murdered By Dad John Podesta! I guess you don’t like to see pedos exposed.
You are a conservative blogger who twist your ideas of truths into fake facts. He has discussed the horrific sexual abuse he endured as a child by a “family friend.Was Podesta and/or  the Clintons trying to exploit the past One theory swirling is that without the possibility of constant oversight, one of the band’s own SRS recycling operations became a front for child sex trafficking. This is a TRUE STORY! Chester Bennington: Another Celebrity Suicided By Hanging—Was he the biological son of John Podesta?

Much of this info can be found right on the CIA website. There's a lot of scattered information out there. Bennington said that Linkinpark’s next album “will polarize people.”The music industry and MSM is pushing the narrative that Bennington and Cornell suffered from depression and took their own lives. It’s gone a step further. It’s entirely possible that Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s illegitimate son. The article below is appropriately qualified as “not completely verified”. It was unclear at the time of the news what had led to his death, or if he had left behind any note indicating what led to the situation. She wound up dead.It’s entirely possible that Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s illegitimate son. Was Podesta and/or the Clintons trying to exploit the past bond, and seduce Bennington and his band with money to join them in possible pedo-ops? Chester found out and was going to expose it. The TMR editor opened up the BBC website first thing this past Friday morning, July 21st. There’s new proof of Clinton ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta, and a pedo ring.It is also posted on the Clinton Foundation’s own website.The Clinton Foundation donated to Linkinpark’s nonprofit in Haiti.Linkin Park started an organization called Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS) in Haiti. Later that night, a series of tweets appeared on Bentley’s account, where she allegedly confessed to having an affair with his Linkin Park bandmate, Mike Shinoda, said she never loved her husband and had only married him for money, and that she had proof Bennington was already dead before he allegedly hanged himself. Someone with powerful connections.Some wonder if  Chester Bennington put 2+2 together.

We first saw that photograph in the BBC article on the 21st and Next thing we know, a very interesting, yet speculative, exposé is published directly linking Chester Bennington to the infamous John Podesta of As for John Podesta, he was not only Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman throughout the ’16 presidential election, he was also President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and President Barack Obama’s “Counselor to the President”.Lastly, here’s the only known photo of Chester Bennington taken with the father who purportedly raised him.
However, it’s being claimed she was probably hacked (yeah right ).News that Bennington, 41, had died, broke yesterday, with reports from TMZ confirming he had taken his own life by hanging himself in a Los Angeles home. But their surviving spouses and dot-connectors aren’t buying it.Some might say that Chester Bennington’s  grief about finding out that Podesta is his father caused him to commit suicide.Others might say  that his determination to expose an elite pedo ring-specifically in the music business- may have led to his “suicide.”Now that the Clintons are in the picture the latter theory will be hard to shake. They suggest that his grief and disgust was too much to bear.Friends say he was working collaboratively with Chris Cornell to bust an elite music industry pedo ring wide open. Five days ago IMOwired posted news that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Chester Bennington of Linkinpark may not have committed suicide at all. I guess we are different that way.there are weird conspiracy theories around there, there are too many people who arent related but look alike and parents don look 100% to children if they are anyway related chester can be podesta son or clone, is been said that nazis made clonation experiments and there is a conspiracy theory that many famous actresses and actors are clones, however chester being related to pedosta expalin who molested him as a child, explain why linkin park had a long term career while pod went into obscurity due to his alleged father connections also explains linkin park firsts albums songs, “i am what you never want to say but i never had a doubt” if chester was podesta son i think he knew all the time “all i want to do is be more like me, and be less like you”Yes, IMOwired is another Conservative blog. Another theory. Without applying for any grant* they were surprised to receive a $250,000 donation from the Clinton foundation.If that wasn’t exciting enough, Mike Shinoda of LinkinPark got a rare and unsolicited visit from none other than Bill Clinton himself.

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