How many plants? Oh ok thank you, yeah come to think of it I can see how the two would over lap in the middle, didn’t think of that. Yeah agree'd. What style of grow? How would you get better coverage when to the end of your walls is 2 feet off center.

Ask away man again just trying to help @genuity can speak better on the 630's and I … Budget? Etc, etc, etc Putting CMH Grow Lights to the Test Even at only 315 watts, CMH's are stated to produce far more PAR in a grow area than a 600-watt HPS. and at that point instead of just replacing 1 315w bulb.

I’m just needing opinions on the effectiveness of two 315 cmh lights vs one 630w, not so much on power consumption or the heat it gives off. Its a large add on room on my house that has its own ac/heater unit separate from the rest of the house.

More evenly distributed footprint of par and ppf Was previously running 600w HID in there at this spot, 1K in my last spot in my 5x10 gorilla with the extension.
Thank you all and shout out to D.A.A.S, yeah I was thinking that would get better coverage, as for the middle part of over lapping if just keep the plants away from

If you decide to go with SunPlix CMH grow light, you can buy them from Got a 3 year on my led I think Any decent company offers 3-5 year warranty.

Hi so I have a 4x4x6 grow tent on the way and I am going to be using cmh grow lights but I want to know if the good folk at grow weed easy thinks it’s better have two 315w cmh grow lights or one 630w grow light? I think the 630's would be the easier option. They have many cmh setups with 2 day shipping. How much height in your 4x8 space? The difference was very slight- Check the manufactures information for the brand you are looking at. Thanx again.

At first I was thinking two would better as you could cover more area but that makes sense. I was looking at 3 of these I was looking at 3 of these Reflector size of the DE 630 CMH is 21"x21"x5". I also got 25% off all 3 of my lights I bought 1500 worth of lights I paid 900 for them the at the store fucked ip and then tried to back pedal and I wasn’t having it I also bought 600 in extra stuff so I spent 2kbut got it all for 1500 that was a good day the most he was suspose to offer on a small order was 15%
Yes, it is true 630W DE. I’m interested how YOU would do it. Well, thank you. Glad to see someone more worried about quality than the amount =D How much height in your 4x8 space? How many plants? Yeah i have never tried autos. Seems like the 8 lights would be a lot more expensive than the 3 630's and if you cant daisy chain them all together it would be a nightmare plugging everything in. Seems like the 8 lights would be a lot more expensive than the 3 630's and if you cant daisy chain them all together it would be a nightmare plugging everything in. omg it did?

Please explain its a 4x4 tent ⛺️. Then you are heading in the right direction.!

I can point you to solid 315 kits, if you have the height and want to run the extensions I would then do the 630's.

I dont know about LEC much but i know leds overlapping can give you a hot spot.

Im not trying to heckle you just help. I learned LUMENS was the measurement of light from THE GROW BOSS on youtube but the video has since been deleted i wonder why lol. Ok what is your environment like where the grow will be? Do you have any light gear at all right now or starting from scratch?

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