Very much … The success rate is very good on late cow elk hunts. Login or register to post comments; Tags: Mule Deer; Wed, 2013-04-03 00:44 #1. Colorado Unit 22. Good cow hunting opportunities exist in this unit. Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 22 - Rio Blanco and Garfield Counties Good cow hunting opportunities exist in this unit. Thread starter Huntindog45; Start date Jun 4, 2018; Jun 4, 2018 #1 Huntindog45 Senior Member. Look for areas that people don't want to go. Jul 26, 2019 #3 Zach Well-known member. A unit may have 80% public land, but a particluar species may only occupy 20% on the entire area. Check out the Texas Mountain area and Rat Hole Ridge. High elevation snows make roads impassible without chains. Joined: 03/22/2010 . It is still the winter home of thousands upon thousands or deer and elk. Most of the GMU 32 elk move into GMU 22 to winter. Good cow hunting opportunities. My son drew an archery tag also so we will head out there and look around for a week in September. The best hunting is in remote areas, mostly at high elevations, where the elk tend to hold up in pockets of green timber and aspen. 29% Private, 71% Public, 70% BLM, 1% State Good cow hunting opportunities exist in this unit. And that 20% species distribution may lie 100% within private lands. (RIO BLANCO & GARFIELD COS.) bounded on N by White River; on E by Colo. 13/789; on S by White River-Colorado River divide; on W by Rio Blanco CRs 26, 103, Monument Gulch Road, Colo. 64 and Monument Gulch.Bald Knob (7,890'), Blair Mesa (5,932'), Blair Mountain (6,762'), Joe Bush Mountain (8,327'), Miller Hill (6,204'), Sagebrush Hill (7,667'), Segar Mountain (8,113'), Stadtman Mesa (5,899')If you're looking for more information, upgrade to 'Premium' to get even more data, graphs, charts and info on this unit!© 2012-2020 DIY Hunting Maps LLC.

It is . Check out the Texas Mountain area and Rat Hole Ridge. I got 5 preference point and I am thinking of putting in for third season... if I can get logged onto their website. Check out the Texas Mountain area and Rat Hole Ridge. With my dad. Yes, there are several great OTC Colorado elk hunting units (GMUs 4, 13, 22, 85 and 421 come to mind) but for non-resident hunters looking to harvest a trophy bull an over-the-counter tag may not suit their needs. All Right Reserved thanks for any help . The later seasons are usually better, especially on public land, due to snow and hunting pressure pushing the elk out of the adjacent units.

Some areas are steep and rugged, especially in southern portion.Generally, this unit is considered very good elk hunting. Reactions: paul.eshelman. Joined Mar 13, 2017 Messages 822 Location Chico, California. Top. Just remember that there are always exceptions to the rule, and land ownership is just one piece of the puzzle.piñon-juniper, with pockets of sagebrush, cover most of area at lower elevations. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Bounded on N by White River; on E by County Highway 13/789; on S by White River-Colorado River divide; on W by Rio Blanco County Roads 26, 103, Monument Gulch Road, County Highway 64 and Monument Gulch. These areas near Rifle, Colorado are known locally as the Piceance Basin.

The best hunting is in remote areas, mostly at high elevations, where the elk tend to hold up in pockets of green timber and aspen. I have been there during archery and been on elk. At one time this was the largest single deer migration point in the world. 22 is more of a migration unit but that's not to say there are not elk there.

My private ground hunt areas for deer and elk are GMU’s 21, 22, 31, and 10. Hunting pressure will push some bulls into the large expanses of piñon-juniper.If snow and hunting pressure are sufficient, some elk will move into the Little Hills and Dry Fork area of Piceance later in the seasons. Movement of large numbers of elk into GMU-30 generally does not occur until early November.Public land and private land percentages can sometime be misleading. Higher elevations are characterized by sagebrush interspersed with aspen stands and some dark timber. Location: Loveland , Colorado .
Elk normally concentrate on the north side of Douglas Pass during the archery, muzzleloader, and early rifle seasons. Game Management Unit 22 regulates hunting opportunities in Colorado and covers 632,172 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather. Does that sound confusing?
75% of area is BLM land. HOT DAMN. It is true that this area is seeing quite a bit of gas development.

Because of access roads, hunting pressure is high on Sleepy Cat, Lost Park and Sand Peak.The large elk herd occupies all available habitat. BleuBijou. There are remote hunting areas accessible by foot, horseback or ATV. anyone know about unit 22 like mainly public land.. Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content.

colorado unit 22 .

Every otc unit in Co has pressure.

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