When you order something for delivery, there are several levels of service associated.

Get the best sports betting information delivered straight to your inbox for free. White Glove Service means the furniture company will deliver and set up your furniture for you. Check with the individual mattress company or retailer to get specifics.For mattresses, white glove generally includes set-up and take-away. Established in 1995, ?If they do something EXTRA, then by all means tip the man, but delivering furniture that you paid for as well as paid to be delivered???? $10-$20 per guy for a furniture delivery company. The delivery persons (who probably won’t actually be wearing white gloves) will usually go up the two flights of stairs without an extra charge.If you live in a fourth floor walk-up, check out the extra cost ahead of time. $20-$50 a man depending on the conditions. All rights reserved. Yeah, hook the guys up......   $10 a piece is pretty good. It depends on the furniture.

It refers to the way a service is performed. Are you sure you would like to remove this thread? 0 Yes.

I tip actual movers more.....ones that have to move all you shit. I ordered a sectional from Macy's, paid for delivery, which I assume goes to paying the movers, no? $10-$20 per guy for a furniture delivery company. as kojack says...offer them a bottle of water ANDYeah, hook the guys up......   $10 a piece is pretty good. It may or may not have an additional cost involved, but most mattress companies offer it as an option.Most mattresses come with a warranty, find out what it covers and how to file a claim.Learn how to make the most of your mattress trial period like tips for breaking in your mattress and how not to lose sleep over returns, refunds and exchanges.We've personally tested, rated, and reviewed over 120 mattresses.

At Mattress Advisor, you’ll find comprehensive, unbiased reviews on the The term “white glove” is an adjective that means done with special care or done with painstaking attention.

This means when that great Some companies charge a fee for white glove delivery that generally ranges from $99.00-$149.00, while others offer white glove service free of charge. Would you generally tip the delivery men also? also senior citizens i never took a tip unless they were well off. $20-$50 a man depending on the conditions.

Getting furniture delivered. Macy's WORRYNOMORE protection plan covers your furniture purchases against spills, stains & scratches for years to come. Your white glove delivery persons will further set-up the bed and frame, show you how to use the adjustable base if purchased, take away the old mattress, and remove all packaging.If you purchase from a retailer that has white glove as an option, they should offer it to you as part of the transaction or explain that it is included.

also senior citizens i never took a tip unless they were well off.

It also sets an expectation that the person providing the service will go above and beyond to make sure things are done right.The concept originated as a way to provide better customer service, and the term was taken from an Further, the term white glove has come to be associated with delivery services. I bought 'em each a 12 pack in addition to gladly paying the bill.If I'm paying for delivery, I won't tip if it's something pretty simple (5 minutes or so). If it is done extremely carefully, and thoughtfully, it is considered white glove. Besides tipping people makes you feel good inside. Its only money, make more tomorrow.always tip. I just offered them some beers which they took on the way out. Many mattress manufacturers, and mattress retail outlets, are now offering white glove delivery service, some through subcontractors. How much?

The white glove service is $200 which includes delivery to the specific room of choice, removal of packing materials, and setup of the safe.

I gave the two guy's $10 apiece for setting up the new bedroom furniture. Two guys delivered my 5pc bedroom set  and this was in the evening on a wet drizzling day and set up and rearranged the whole room. Offer them a drink as well. Thank you for reporting Yes.

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