Wanting to prove the Quincies were better, Uryū challenges Ichigo to see who could kill more Hollows. Saying he has waited for this moment for a very long time, Muramasa walks up to Kōga and states they can complete the task which they began centuries ago. As Orihime asks him what he wants from her, Muramasa appears behind her. As the area around Sado begins to distort, Muramasa tells Sado he should spend less time worrying about his friends. Uryū questions her intentions, but she explains that he is already dying, and it is in gratitude for not shooting her father and creator in the head, which would have been fatal. As they are doing so, they see Orihime is saddened by the deaths of the 12th Division members, and Uryū tries to comfort her. She states that whoever attacked Uryū and Ichigo is the same person who attacked her, shocking Uryū.Tsukishima cuts down Uryū while Kūgo cuts down Ichigo.As Tsukishima and Kūgo are about to leave, the Shinigami arrive and use a Reishi-enhanced katana to restore Ichigo's Shinigami powers. The recent revelations and her guilt over their injuries result in the young noble deciding to return to her home and confront Kumoi, sacrificing herself to save her friends.Uryū's injuries on his arm, a result of his fight with During their battle, Uryū, Orihime, and Ulquiorra notice Ichigo has risen and taken a new form.After returning home, Uryū is with Chad, Rukia, Renji, and Orihime in Karakura Town, his left hand having been restored, but still in bandages. He is confronted by Following the events in Soul Society, Uryū has lost his Quincy powers. 3 réponses. Stating they need to be careful, Rukia reveals Muramasa is the one who manifested the Zanpakutō Spirits and left the Muramasa's black-red Reiatsu begins to expand outward.When Uryū realizes something and asks Rukia where Ichigo is, Muramasa says Ichigo should be burning to death in Ryūjin Jakka's flames. If you want to make your girlfriend want to have sex with you, the worst thing … As some may not know the bount Uryu likes dies.Uryu I think will end up with Nemu the squad twelve luteninute. Uryū realizes that Kūgo took Ichigo's Reiatsu in addition to his Fullbring.

Uryū is introduced in the series as a classmate of the Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, who reveals himself to be a Quincy, a clan of humans which was destroyed by the Soul Reapers. That day, he decided he would never become a doctor.At a fairly young age, Uryū's grandfather was killed by Uryū attends the live broadcast of Don Kanonji's TV program in Karakura Town.

As Uryū calls out to Ichigo, Orihime tells him to be careful.As Muramasa expresses irritation at his arrival, Ichigo stands up and apologizes to Rukia for being late. In response to Uryū's questions, Ichigo tells him that he is alright, and that he thought he could cut its feet off and work his way up to the head, killing it that way. Kneeling down next to her, Uryū finds it and tells her to drink first. As Ichigo expresses shock at his appearance, Uryū tells him to go home and states Ichigo cannot defeat Yhwach. He then accepts Urahara's offer to help Ichigo rescue her.Once they manage to get inside the fortress, their group splits up, and Uryū is joined by When Mayuri opens Szayelaporro's specimen vault, a shocked Uryū sees two bodies hanging from the ceiling.Uryū arrives on the scene with his friends, helping Ichigo and Rukia.They hold a meeting following Rurichiyo's solo trip to Soul Society.Following Rurichiyo's near fatal trip back to Soul Society and her safe return to the Human World, Uryū sits with his friends in Urahara's shop, discussing the recent happenings and how they made it back without any surprise attacks. When Kōga states Muramasa never answered him when he called, Muramasa expresses shock as Kōga says he called for Muramasa when he was on the verge of being sealed away.

When escorting Rurichiyo home, they notice the arrival of Back at Rurichiyo's house, Kenryū states that they have erected a barrier that will render the house invisible, something Uryū feels is going overboard in doing so and will more than likely make the area appear more suspicious. Uryū Ishida is a bespectacled teenager of average height and slender build.

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