In honor of Drinking Buddies, and because this About Last Night... remake is apparently happening in 2014, we present the most true-to-location Chicago movies. Emblematic of the Chicago experience, The L not only gets some serious face time in As you can imagine, prime scenes of many a baseball movie have taken place at This popular food spot gets its 15 minutes of fame in John Hugh’s 80’s film John Cusack, already a component of Chicago history, filmed part of The glam airport that a young Macaulay Culkin finds himself lost in is the setting of the second in the series of the family classics Chicago has long been a haven for film-makers, with its extensive mob history and architecture and the various neighborhoods, sports-team obsessed fans, beautiful lakefront views, the emblematic EL train and iconic eateries.The Rom-Com about whether men and women can really be friends, The Art Institute of Chicago has approximately 300,000 pieces of art in its collectionBook with our partner and we will earn a small commission. Because I feel a little shaken up.” And I said, “I feel the same way, but we’re cool.”I don’t think we hit below the belt, but in the scene he kind of mimics the way I talk, and I’m like, “Don’t do that!” and that’s something that, in fighting, I really don’t like. And it’s not really her fault because she’s been honest with him the whole time, and he suddenly expects her to be somebody else so that their fantasy they’re living out can work out in his favor.Yeah!

"Drinking Buddies" completely and honestly captures the indefinable nature of contemporary relationships, it just doesn't say anything new about it. Well, she’s so small. In this case, what makes them such good buddies is that Kate isn’t very sensitive; she’s kind of a bruiser. The more recent film Drinking Buddies staring the one and only Olivia Wilde, features multiple spots in the “hipster” neighborhood of Wicker Park. I’ve never had something as intense as Luke and Kate have. A good portion of the movie actually takes place in the protagonists’ place of work Revolution Brewing , an actually brewery with two nearby locations in Avondale and in the Logan Square neighborhood. Because it’s confusing.

I definitely have really close guy friends, but it’s more of a brother-sister relationship.Yeah. During the summer I’m a gin-and-tonic person.I don’t.

The two seem like an ideal couple, but Kate is seeing the disinterested Chris (Ron Livingston), while Luke is on the verge of marrying Jill (Anna Kendrick). Peter Cook. Joan Crawford. Drinking Buddies (2013) Picnic spot: A forest near Lake Michigan, USA. She’s really low maintenance, can dish it as well as she can take it, and is easy to be around because she’s fun and easygoing. It’s bad.They do, on the surface. My beard makes me look a little older, so I shave it.It was, which was so much fun. Things that we would do after work would find their way into the actual film.

I think it can be great. Paul is a real estate developer and film producer, best known for producing the acclaimed indie films Drinking Buddies, Results and An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty. I’m sure it can happen. I loved Jake’s beard in this movie. Drinking Buddies Review. Drinking Buddies (2013) The actress tells Marlow Stern about ‘Drinking Buddies,’ her favorite booze, skinny-dipping, and more.Kate spends her days guzzling down beers and flirting with her coworker Luke (Jake Johnson). And we didn’t have any of the comforts you usually find on a film set, like trailers or whatever. We were all very excited about the process and not very concerned about the result. I was thinking about this the other day, and I thought, “I don’t get really drunk ...” Do adults get, like, really drunk? She'd always carry a glass "water" around with her. We had a few fun nights in Chicago, but then when we went to Michigan, it was so much fun. I guess it would on a woman, too. That lack of sensitivity is actually what makes her a terrible romantic partner for Luke, because when the shit hits the fan and he needs her to be nurturing, she can’t be there for him. Things that we would do after work would find their way into the actual film… And he’s a pretty dude, and the beard takes down the prettiness a little bit, which is what we needed for this character.It does really change a guy. A lot of people think this movie is about youth alcoholism, which is interesting...Yeah! We were staying in this cool, rickety, haunted hotel on Lake Michigan and just had an amazing time. I think Jake and I match up Well, we shot long days and it was pretty exhausting to be improvising all day long, because you can’t really rest on the job and are constantly listening and creating.

The beach bonfire scene that ended up in the movie came from a bonfire we had the night before, and once we were shooting the bonfire scene, I thought, “I’m going to get up and go skinny-dipping and see what Jake does.” So when you see me asking him to go skinny-dipping in that scene, I’m asking him for real. You think, “Wait a minute, I love being around this person, I love his jokes, he likes my jokes, we have so much fun, he’s the one I want to go to everything with ...” And yet usually that’s not the person who actually makes a great boyfriend. By Laura Bell, Film Editor | Oct 29 2013. She drank even while filming movies, right there on the set.

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