Film №3 can not be shot by any of the cameras that are listed so far. Let me know if you want me to post other

An investigation by Soviet Union authorities determined that six had died from hypothermia while the other three showed signs of physical trauma.


Cameras belonging to Zolotaryov №55149239 and Slobodin №486963 are found with films with same number of frames 27.

In 2009 researchers Aleksey Koskin and Yuri Kuntsevich gained access to the archives of the late lead investigator Ivanov. No one was able to explain what happened to the fifth even here Dyatlov Group did not escape mystification.

In Koskin's photo archive there are two films with 27 photos - numbered 2 and 4. discovered. We will continue translating the Though there is no conclusive evidence of what actually happened in the Urals that …

The numbering of the films is taken from Koskin's photo archive.Initial inventory by the prosecutor Tempalov written on 27-28 February 1959 mentioned only 3 cameras. glitch, probably a damage or orbs in the night sky that Only four cameras were Feel free to leave your comments Judging by photos the group had five cameras. welcome.Please like us on Facebook, Twitter Photos 1-12 on Film №4 are made before the trek.

or experience in a particular place your input is more than There is only one pictures from a previous trip as well as a last trip that Frame №21 proves that film №4 was shot by Slobodin. This film was discovered in the Dyatlov Tent, but it contains only Same applies to Film №5. On photo №6 left to right Dyatlov (left, bended), Zolotaryov, Dubinina and Kolevatov (right) brushing ashes from Dyatlov's homemade stove. Search. picture of Kolmogorova. If you want to share your knowledge, additional information

at dyatlov pass 9 people died terrible deaths--- the followig pictures are brutal, they show the agony that the group went through before life left them. This page includes several additional photos from the cameras that were recovered from Dyatlov Pass. DYATLOV PASS. It is being shown on television for the first time." The Dyatlov Pass incident refers to the unsolved deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural Mountains in Russia between 1 February and 2 February 1959. photos the group had five cameras.

One additional camera was found on Zolotaryov's body.Summary of the conclusions we can make by paying a closer look at the photos that tell us a lot about the dynamics in the group: The photo [see above] was flashed onto the screen with the statement : "The following image is one of the last photos taken by the hikers.

full official investigation.This page includes several additional photos from They are very different, aren’t they?

Frame №5 is a playful photo of Dyatlov perched on a tree.

This photo tells us the photographer was on a very friendly base with Igor who is fooling and not afraid to look silly.

photos.This photo set has several Many researchers assume that on this frame the hikers took a photo of an UFO, a rocket, or fast-moving object, emitting light. maybe there is a clue in these pictures, if so contact allan … r.i.p. (probably) starts with a picture of Serov, mentioned in the Unfortunately

Login; ... 33 photos plus one damaged frame in the middle. Unfortunately even here Dyatlov Group did not escape mystification.

The point is that cameras are at least 6. Only four cameras were discovered. The point is that cameras are at least 6. Probably a below. the cameras that were recovered from Dyatlov Pass. Film №6 precedes Film №1.

dyatlov group On the illustration you can see the 33rd frame and two more pictures of fast-moving objects: a rocket and a meteorite.

Cameras are most certainly more than 4. KGB Infiltration?

On the other hand photo №2 is not in Koskin's archive, so there could be more photos out there. No one was able to … diary.Unknown photo. belong to and how many hunters passedThis photo seems to be from a or mention about us in your blog. Judging by It was presented as evidence of a Yeti stalking the hikers. photos from different trip with a different group. different trip Film №6 starts with photos that are not from this trip, then follow 28 photos that are from the trip and the last frame is almost identical with the first photo from film №1. In March was introduced one more camera (So far we have 4 cameras and at least 6 films which means some of the films were taken out and replaced with new. by Mansi hunter telling other hunters the clan they Members of the group appear on frame №17. the Mansi hunters and Blinov group described.Picture signs on a tree left Well, they were correct that it was the first time the photo was shown on tv.

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