Infact it should have been your first idea group for that reason in particular. … There are three possible decisions that form Prussia. Sep 19, 2017 @ 4:28am I go Humanist first, so i wont have any religious problems when changing to protestant. Although a fairly small nation, it’s widely popular with EU4 players.

There are three possible decisions that form Prussia.

There are only 2 things holding you back, one is the limited manpower you start with and second … You would be better served with extra mercenaries that come from administrative (which you should have anyways, for coring cost and admin tech discount).You'll want influence ideas for reduced AE. Then i go for Influence/Quality. One is for the Teutonic Order, and is based on the secularization of that order into the Duchy of Prussia in 1525.

[EU4] Brandenburg-Prussia World Conquest Timelapse - YouTube Next I think I'll go with either quality or offensive. The latter two are important for the ridiculously OP policies they unlock with Quality and Offensive.Not directly related to having mega-disciplined armies, but Administrative is almost a must-have. Prussia is considered one of the more advanced nations due to the difficult requirements and challenges that must be overcome to form, therefore it is not recommended for The Prussian Monarchy is a unique government type available only for Prussia that gives a major advantage in military power income. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.If played correctly, Prussia can dominate Central Europe and the rest of the HRE. Please help with verifying or updating this section. Not only will the core cost discount pay for itself, the merc discounts will make mercenaries cheap enough to be viable and remove the need for Quantity.innovative too, for the extra leader, basically zero war exhaustion, cheaper tech, and policies that give extra infantry combat ability and siege speed/+1 siege pipI personally never go for innovative unless I have infantry combat ability in my NI's. The Tsardom has the following benefits: 1. It uses ‘Russian Government’ mechanics as well as ‘Russian Principalities’ and ‘Veche Republics’. Muscovy/Russia Guide 1.25 EU4. Medicles. Having this government ensures: The last is for any other country with Prussian, Saxon or Pomeranian culture, representing another German country taking the path that Brandenburg did historically. Best idea when trying a Prussia game is to get Rights of man first. #8. Even in debt or troubles, because I had manpower. +0.1Yearly absolutism Post author: RadioRes; Post published: September 2, 2018; Post category: EU4 Nation Guides; Muscovy is the meanest bad ass in the Russia and Ural region at start and you can take on literally anyone around you. (and a good economy is important too ...)To maximize your Space Marineness, you should also take Offensive, Economic, and Innovative. You already stomp the snot out of most armies that come your way with just Offensive ideas, it seems better to go with Quantity after so you can end up in wars against multiple large enemies (France, Austria, Russia, whatever is left of Poland after expanding into them, etc) on multiple fronts without feeling stretched thin.How else are you going to feel like Frederick the Great Crushing armies left right all while freling stretched?Innovative, quality and defensive are must haves. +5Number of states 4. Quality is over-rated for Prussia (early on anyway). One is for the One random owned province with Pomeranian, Saxon or Prussian culture: I'm currently playing as Brandenburg and in 10 years I'll form Prussia . You already stomp the snot out of most armies that come your way with just Offensive ideas, it seems better to go with Quantity after so you can end up in wars against multiple large enemies (France, Austria, Russia, whatever is left of Poland after expanding into them, etc) on multiple fronts without feeling stretched thin. −0.05Monthly autonomy change 3. It's called spoils of war breh.Imo you do not need quantity. If you're going for pure adrenaline-pumping Prussian space marines- offensive, innovative, economic, quality, (with defensive/quantity if you want). Stacks great with your traditions.Having an amazing army is no good if you can't expand anywhere.Defensive, quality, quantity, religious - stack wipe via morale damage Offensive, quality, economic - stack wipe via casualty damage Admin, influence, dip/explo - world conquestreligious, quality, offensive, defensive, administrative/tradeInfluence (swap for Diplomatic if you're playing TO)Quality is over-rated for Prussia (early on anyway).

It is possible at any time to spend 50 Monthly militarization is affected by the following: I'm going for a colonizing run because I love to blob as normal colonizers and colonize as normal blobbers so next I took Admin, Exploration, and Influence. With the policy your infantry will be unstoppable.Your playing as Prussia? Note: The Prussian monarchy doesn't set a minimum of 3 Prussian monarchies have a unique system that gives army-oriented bonuses the more militarized the nation gets on a scale of 0 to 100%. And Prussia is a very strong nation with one of the best militaristic national ideas.

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