It has been operated frequently by the Indian Air Force and it boasts several variants, including the CH 750, CH 701SP, CH 750 Cruzer, and the STOL CH 750 Super Duty, among others. The PT6 gives 750 shp pulling it along at 183 kts in the cruise with a range of 1005 nm. I have seen this plane do things that I never thought possible in aircraft, this is why it is my best!The Kodiak, competition of the Caravan, looks very similar to the C208. It has a gross weight of 4,750 pounds and a height of 12 feet 9 inches as well as a fuel capacity of 153 U.S. gallons. I have found flying the Caravan, once you get your head around all the new systems, one of the easiest planes to fly if you have previous experience with Cessnas, especially if you have a bit of a load on the back. Hey guys, I'm returning to X-Plane and want to try my hand at some bush flying to see some nice scenery and enjoy rugged airplanes (got my sights on DHC-2 already). It is also a relatively new plane, having made its maiden flight in the year 2004, and as over 250 of them have been delivered of 2018.The Kodiak can accommodate up to nine passengers and one pilot and it is more than 34 feet in length. The speed of the Super Cub is not going to win it any races though, it’s 150hp Lycoming pulls it along at a about 96 kts with a VNE of 120 kts and a super low 41 kts stall.The Cessna 206 another workhorse of the sky. It is a little over 33 feet long and has a wingspan of over 40 feet. The ones that take all the concentration you have to touch down at the very beginning of the runway and apply those brakes to stop just before going off the end of the runway. It has a gross weight of 4,750 pounds and a height of 12 feet 9 inches as well as a fuel capacity of 153 U.S. gallons. I would say Mahindra Airvan but your list is for the best bush planesI agree it is a beaut plane, never flown it myself but have only heard of good things. However, it is an efficient plane and has a maximum speed of 85 mph at sea level.The CH 701 can fly for nearly five hours and has a climb rate of 1000 feet per minute. It is a little over 33 feet long and has a wingspan of over 40 feet. Indeed, if you’re planning on piloting one of these planes any time in the future or if you’re merely curious about them, read on.Bush planes are unlike any other type of airplane because they are made to get into areas that may be a little outside of the norm, including forests, tundra, and glaciers, to name a few. It can accommodate either 17 parachutists or one pilot and up to nine passengers and it is over 36 feet in length.There are currently plans underway to increase payload for this plane, including replacing aluminum flight-control surfaces with composite and installing lighter seating, which is planned for 2020. Its wings are made from aluminum and the fuselage is made out of welded steel tubing, which is then covered in doped aircraft fabric.The manufacturers of the Bearhawk recommend using a standard engine that is 150 to 260 hp and takes roughly This is a single-engine turboprop bush flyer that seats nine passengers and a single pilot. Stall speed is a little higher than the C208 at 60 kts. It has a four-seat enclosed cabin and a single engine in a tractor configuration. Their rugged build has made them perfect for those hard to get places in the bush or jungles around the world. They are now used to transport food and medicine into places that can only get these necessities by air; most importantly, they are perfect for pilots who are less traditional and a lot more adventuresome.Bush planes have been known to land in areas so remote that there is no airstrip.

Its cruise speed is 120 mph and it can fly for roughly six hours at a time. Often fitted with larger tyres and with its rugged undercarriage it is able to handle the rougher unkept strips. It is therefore quite impressive for a bush plane.

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