While this does play into his own niche by helping him reaching critical levels of HP easier to bring out his best offensive capacity, he is extremely prone to getting one-shotted, especially against stray critical hits.As one of the few Servants with the Foreigner class, Abigail is a welcome Berserker counter for any Master who dreads their otherwise universal class advantage. Packing three Buster cards, two strong steroids, a Buster single target Noble Phantasm and the appearance of a Dark Souls boss, one could call him a Berserker in disguise.

Arjuna has a relatively poorly optimized kit. Fans of Jeanne d'Arc,dolphins, whales, and other aquatic mammals alike will find her an asset to any Arts team. While her skill set has some amazing effects combined together, their demerits can be quite annoying to fully utilize her skill set, especially for inexperienced players.

Her sustained damage is likewise on the weaker side, relying on her NP to do the heavy lifting.

Shuten has the rare niche of being an AoE Arts Assassin with a plethora of debuffs. Cu Chulainn Alter is a Berserker with high attack stats combined with the ability to do Buster Brave Chains while having an overwhelmingly potent kit for survival. Gilgamesh specializes at two very useful niches.

Again: Use who you want. MMM - Temperate Temptress Turns Away Tempering Tincture, Tianshui Thaumaturge Typically Turbulent (Summer 2020 Part 2) She requires specific setups to use correctly, and is not always the best pick for an encounter, so she does not quite make the higher tiers in her current form.

His Ruler class also makes him exceptionally tanky against most enemies and also grants him a good base neutral damage output, but his skillset heavily hampers his offensive capability.

FGO(Fate/GrandOrder) : Tips & Guides So i get Martha Ruler and i need to know, what skill i should level first and why i… His long-lasting debuff Immunity after his second Interlude will make him more useful for some debuff heavy challenging encounters. Fire Emblem Three Houses His baseline performance can already give most of his Rider peers a run for their money, but he becomes truly ridiculous when properly supported, capable of looping his Noble Phantasm with proper support. Nevertheless, her flexibility will generally allow her to patch up any hole in a Master's roster with little difficulty.Archer of Shinjuku has many tools in his arsenal.

Tamamo does not work nearly as well outside of Arts teams, but she is a staple for dedicated Arts teams. He functions as a very straightforward, damage focused AoE Buster Servant in a class with steep competition. ... FGO Reroll Tier List [5/11 updated!] His NP has an Ignore Invincibility buff, which is always handy, and also has a unique Ignore DEF effect as a buff rather than a built-in NP effect, which allows his post-NP Cards to also ignore DEF. Rabbit's Reviews #269: Illyasviel von Einzbern (4* Archer) A single target Buster Saber with an anti-Dragon niche, Sigurd offers solid Critical damage capabilities in his kit, with a notable +100% Critical Strength boost as well as a targetable Star Drop Rate buff. The Queen of Heaven’s kit does have a couple of weak points, as her only survivability tool has but a 80% chance to proc, and her massive attack buff can be tricky to fully utilize for less experienced players. Altera is a heavy statstick with amazing Attack stats and good skills. Furthermore, her Noble Phantasm’s overcharge effect is very niche, and rarely finds use throughout the game. Welcome to our Servant tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! MHX’s strong base stats and fantastic NP and Star Generation are let down by her lackluster skill set, as well as an extremely limited niche in killing Saberface enemies. Meanwhile, his Ruler class leaves him without class advantage for most of the content, often making his damage and support inferior to full class encounters. Fate Grand Order 4 Star Tier List, Best 4 Star Servants, Rating. She also comes with an ever handy 50% NP Charge, giving her quicker access to her NP. Her base stats are also decent for a Saber, but both her generation stats and her skillset are extremely vanilla and often do not offer her prolonged effectiveness on the battlefield. Jeanne d'Arc (Archer) makes for an extremely solid AoE Arts Archer, with a kit of all-around solid buffs from all three flavors of Arts, NP damage, and ATK buffs.

However, she is severely hamstrung by her poor damage output and the high cooldown on all of her skills. Her ability to grant allies Critical Absorption is quite unique and her upgraded Noble Phantasm offers strong extra damage coverage.
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