From $175.00 Rectifier has 3 yellow, one black and one green. This article isn’t meant to cover installation practices, but is more of a heads-up for hang ups and issues you should expect during and after a GY6 swap into your Ruckus. How can I over come this? Synthetic is not necessary, but should not be used at all until after the break-in period. Ok, now the bike have been starting right up, but still lack of power and i think it’s burning too much fuel. The vacuum operated fuel pumps seem to frequently be too powerful for original and aftermarket GY6 carburetors, forcing extra fuel past the internal valve. One of the most important fasteners of the swap is the rear axle nut, which secures your rear wheel to the engine. With the GY6, we recommend an initial oil change after the first 100 miles, with subsequent changes every 1000 miles.Recommended engine oil type is 10w40 of a reputable brand. May I be so bold as to suggest he checks his spark plug, maybe puts in a new one then attempts to run it for a few seconds or even for a minute or 2 then rechecks it and tells you what he sees, also the condition of the old plug. Honda Ruckus GY6 Basic Fatty swap kit for Ruckus 2003-2020 $ 1,375.96 $ 1,299.00. No for sale or for trade discussions allowed. At its core is a rock-solid 49cc engine delivering plenty of get-up-and-go. I took the carb out and there is fuel in it. Hatefully, vulgar, and spam content will be flagged and deleted. You also have no indication as yet by the information if the bike actually has compression (or as much as it should have).I am not knocking you, nor picking on Joey, just making the observation that at present the field is still wide open to possibilities with a lot of narrowing down to do with your eyes, ears and senses being that of a person who did not really understand the first thing you asked him to try.

We have been having no spark problems for the past few days. As a personal preference, I’d stay away from anything 2-stroke for reliability among other reasons.What’s all needed to do a full GY6 150cc swap? Here is a test to see if your pump is over fueling. Backfiring itself is often associated more with too lean or advanced ignition timing rather than an excess of fuel. We got the part!

Thanks.How to install the BDX Honda Ruckus GY6 Swap HarnessHow to bleed your brakes, without wasting hours of timeGY6 Swapping The Honda Ruckus: What To Expect From Your Swap Thanks I really need help on where to begin.Joey, can you give more details about what other symptoms are you are seeing that might be contributing to the lack of power? We offer a vibration resistant locking nut. why didnt honda make a more powerful version of this?. This could possibly be my problem as far as the fuel going in and out the carb. This is the Small Fast Things Forum dedicated to all things Honda Ruckus and GY6. Dismiss notification. Links of parts will help. This article also won’t be talking specifically about the BDX swap kit, but covers general issues you may experience with any GY6 swap whether doing it yourself or purchasing a packaged kit.Installation should take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, but may take more depending on your experience and level of mechanical skill. Do you know if someone ever swap an engine like this .. ?I bought a new motor for my lance 150. MonsterGY6 Customs, custom wheels and parts for Honda Ruckus and Icebear Maddog. This extra fuel then gets forced into the intake tract, which is then sucked into the engine. i see just the normal gy6 150cc engines on ebay for around $200-$300, but then i see engine swap kits going for $2000!! 2020 Ruckus OVERVIEW - Honda It’s often said that the simplest answer is the best one.

Small engine shops aren’t familiar with the Ruckus and can end up having just as many questions as you would, but they’ll be charging you per the hour to learn the same information that you can get at no charge. GY6 engines usually come with 6-pole or 8-pole stators which typically don’t output enough power at idle to charge the battery while running the headlights. ThanksJoey, did you perform the test I outlined for you? The GY6 is air cooled (versus the liquid cooled stock engine), which means that the GY6 is generally less forgiving to less-than-excellent maintenance habits and won’t last as long as the 50cc Ruckus engine if not well taken care of. CVT Drive Belt for Long Case 50cc QMB139 engines with 12"/13" Rear Wheel It’s a 150cc gy6. GY6 150cc Scooter, Taida 232cc Big Bore Kits, call us for recommendations.

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