Cleaning should be done daily. Once you have the algae removed, be sure to maintain the pool at its proper pH and chlorine levels to prevent the algae from coming back.Scrub the algae with a soft nylon brush. Use the swimming pool calculators resource below to find the correct amount of sodium bisulphate that your size pool requires. Check the pH levels of the pool with the test kit. Once the algae has appeared onto a vinyl pool liner it is not hard to get rid of, but it is a good indication it is time to check the pool's chemical levels. The chemicals that are introduced into the swimming pool's filtration system are there to get rid of algae and other bacterial growths. There’s no way the water will come back if you have a layer of leaves on the bottom of the pool, or floating around on top. For vinyl pools, calcium should test at least 150 ppm. Especially for pools that went very green, there is likely a high level of phosphates and nitrates in the water.

There are various stain colors that commonly appear in pools, and identifying yours will lead you in the right direction for treatment. Add about a handful of dry acid (sodium bisulfate) directly to the stain Brush the dry acid into the stain If the stain begins to fade away, it’s rust It is best to do this during the night hours, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun can diminish the effectiveness of the chlorine.Use the test kit to check the chlorine levels. If the stain is old or excessive then the pool may have to be shocked to remove the stain.Check the pH levels of the pool with the test kit. STEP 1. Apply the sodium bisulphate per the manufacturer's instructions.Add four times the normal amount of chlorine for your pool. Your pH level should be on the low side, adjust it down in the range of 7.2 – 7.4.

This procedure is called "shocking." Bright sun can burn off a lot of chlorine in a pool without at least 20ppm of cyanuric acid (conditioner or stabilizer) in the water. His writing has developed from his experience as a quality assurance manager for Microsoft and IBM. The desired chlorine level is between 1 and 2 parts per million.Use the soft nylon brush to scrub the remaining algae from the pool.Use your pool vacuum to remove the algae debris during the cleaning process.The filtration system should be on during all of the above procedures.The swimming pool should be off limits during the cleaning process. This saves lots of money, but also is gentler on a vinyl liner.Check your pH level again, and lower if necessary. They need a stain treatment to be removed. Step 2. Here’s my recipe for turning around a dark green algae filled vinyl liner pool. Place a submersible pump on the top step in the shallow end, so that there’s no danger of pumping out the shallow end.

HOW TO GET RID OF STAINS ON VINYL POOL LINERS. Scrub the algae with a soft nylon brush. STEP 3. As long as you leave 6″ of water across the shallow end floor, the liner should not relax, and give you no problems.If you have a separate main drain line for your pool, use the main drain to drain the pool past the skimmers, just be sure to watch it, so you do not completely drain the pool!

And vinyl liner pools, they present a particular challenge. DETERMINE IF THE STAIN IS MINERAL OR ORGANIC. Look at the color of your pool stain to classify the cause. Vacuuming, skimming and brushing the pool to remove accumulated dirt and algae from the walls and floor.Cartridge filters are often plumbed without a way to vacuum to waste, unlike sand or DE filters that have a multiport valve.

When using the sodium bisulphate, read and abide by the safety instructions carefully.Launie Sorrels is a veteran who has worked as a chef and has more than two decades of martial arts training. However, a handy homeowner could install a There’s no real reason to add any chemicals until you get all of the gunk out of the pool, so make sure that the pool is about 95% clean before you try to balance the water.

In most cases this is all that is needed with vinyl pool liners. STEP 2. KEEP UP WITH REGULAR MAINTENANCE. If you are under this, add Cyanuric acid is important to check before you begin chlorinating the pool. Algae stains in swimming pools cannot removed with algaecides. Total Alkalinity for vinyl pools should be at least 70 ppm.

Before shocking the pool you want the pH levels to be between 7.2 and 7.4.

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