I think this ability came from her death , and the doctors I might say gave no O hope of her ever surviving , so I turned on my faith right there on the spot and told her doctor she would walk in and say hi , 5 months later she did ! If science can explain Rh negative please do . God made the angels and then they fell and he kicked them out of Heaven . I AM STRANGE. We are here to spread the gospel and the Love of God to everybody that will listen. Where is it posted? I believe there is 1 god. Another Greek myth says that Apollo migrates each fall from Delphi to Hyperborea to return in the spring to Delos with his chariot drawn by swans.Theseus and Perseus also visited Hyperborea according to different legends. This is when the level of identity is fully connected and fully in your Christ Consciousness, meaning you have this understanding that you are fully connected to the Godhead, there is no pain and suffering, there are no types of situations that we deal with on planet Earth. but don't know if I am O or B..Can anyone tell me by this information? There are rh-negative blood type persons in every racial group on Earth, even Blacks.

As it turns out, the lack of the Rh factor potentially causes trouble with birth and blood transfusions. We win by using our God-given power to Manifest. He started hurting me and was fooling around with another woman and using drugs. Do you know what this means? At least that's a start. I love everyone and want good for everyone. And with God, blood is a big deal. I'd like to ask 1st of all , are you (writer) RH-.? Now I understand why Jesus never married. I wanted to mention when she had her accident , she was a traumatic brain injury and died under that car for a period of time ! The average among most people is only 15%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. For more info on what orgonite is and how to make it, just look it up on Google and YouTube. I have had the gift of angels my entire life. So I've dedicated my life to helping others and giving them this life saving advice...know your blood type/Rh factor, know your spouses blood type/Rh factor, your childrens and your parents blood types too. The Rh negative embryo/zygote and the Rh positive embryo/zygote. what if reincarnation theory apply would not the the human parent supply a soul to the combination a angelic being with a soul who has been reincarnated through the ages. RH NEGATIVE O D ARE BLUE BLOOD. WAY TO MUCH MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION AND LIES ABOUT THE PURE RH NEGATIVES ONLINE. You need to research more before stating something as if fact when its 100% false! Well adjusted adult. Until biology matches our perception of who we love, its best to keep the two races separate, Rh positive mixing with their own kind, and Rh negative with their own kind. How much of it is necessary to be evil? I am a strong born again Christian who embraces Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I am surprised at how many others on this feed have made the same claim.

Wow this is the most Rh negative disinformation found on this one page than the sum of YouTube! My true color,,brown hair and green eyes.....Just to let you know I believe in Jesus Christ...Thank you. At least that’s what I was taught. That is their main goal. Thank you. I am neph (fractionally) as I have RH negative blood. You are all falling for the oldest trick in the book divide and conquer that's what is going on right now to us and we're only 10% of the population Is this really something more common amongst rh negative people? What we believe about ourselves is subjective. Stop with your false witness. Stop taking scripture out of context.

Blessings! God speed We are in control of this planet and you + dogs will continue to serve us with your low IQ monkey minds and bodies. A true skeptic here. I have read you're comments, and have come to the conclusion that you are full of shit! Why all the talk of Jesus then? Picture of my hair looking like Medusa. Looked like orbs and smoke rings, I thought something was wrong with my camera.

Why did you throw the "White Supremacy" quip in there? It doesn't matter that an Rh positive woman can carry a Rh negative man's baby full term with no complications...the result is still a child with a hybrid positive Dd Rh factor, who's still a carrier of the negative.

If this is true, they are not the original bloodline on earth and worse than that they have demonic reptilian DNA flowing through their veins.It would appear that the Hindus ancient history is wrapped round spiritual traditions that occurred, not in the ancient Indian subcontinent, but thousands of miles northward at the North Pole region, which ancient peoples referred to as Hyperborea, the Land of the Gods, etc!The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole. I believe We are our I'll bet many of our afflictions can be caused by Rh incompatibility. I'm Rh Negative and am definitely different, wierd and awesome! When I was a kid like hundreds of angels came and was throwing gifts at me till I was so scared. I have zero scandinavian markers and zero neanderthal...just thought you should know,some Rhneg blood types are extremely rare and do not fit your narrative. If we were, wouldn’t they carry the same blood type as us? Hey everyone. Every trait you mentioned about the offspring and mother abductuon fits me perfectly.

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