Acknowledging the works of others is all that's required in schools, because fair use allows the use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes. Even when people are carefully following fair use guidelines, it's common to point out what parts are somebody else's work. And if you are following them, then calling it out by saying "I am not taking credit for this content" is redundant.It is, however, seen as proper etiquette to give credit to the creators of any content you use. Anybody can answer Does it really prevent YouTube from removing the video?

Start here for a quick overview of the site Well, you infringed anyway.Actually, the worst is probably "no copyright intended" - yep, and you can't claim the copyright to a Taylor Swift song by uploading it to YouTube either.In SOME countries. It does nothing to prevent YouTube from removing the content if the true copyright holder can prove the infringement. The "reasoning" is that if you let some teenager share a video so they can tell their friends how awesome it is and don't take it down, then a rival company can sell their own copy and make millions of dollars and you can't do anything to stop them.This is incorrect. This is STRICTLY a freestyle of Music by Pastor Troy performing Vica Versa. I agree, it is a totally moronic disclaimer. In others, non-commercial use of copyrighted material is absolutely fine. Plus sometimes you can't upload a song in its original state because of copyright.

It's a courtesy if you're posting something that could potentially be mistaken as yours - for example, if you're posting someone else's cell phone video of something, it might be nice to give credit to the person who actually recorded the event, but in the case of music videos and the like... we all know you don't own it, you don't need to tell us.The worst is when people say something like "no copyright infringement intended". Stream Disclaimer: I do NOT own any rights to this song and I do NOT get any royalties or ANY payment fees for it. Saying "I don't own this" doesn't give you the right to use something. The other is the act of posting a video of a song you don't own. In practice, most copyright holders have lawyers who tell them they have no choice but to vigorously defend against any possible copyright infringement. Failure to enforce your copyright has no bearing (other than in calculating damages in very specific situations) on liability.The "notice" or "disclaimer" OP is talking about has no legal meaning whatsoever. While still less legal (I won't say illegal, because that carries a very specific meaning), they are acknowledging and making it clear that they are the creator, and that is an honest and honourable thing to do.In theory, there are copyright holders out there who would not mind someone sharing a video or music with others, but would mind of someone claimed they created it themselves or tried to make money of it.
The belief is that if they make it clear they are doing neither of those things, they qualify for what is called Fair Use.Fair Use allows for certain, limited uses of copyrighted material to be legally allowed without needing to first gain permission from the copyright holder. Does it actually help?No. Anybody can ask a question Any acknowledgment like this does not make your copyright infringement any less illegal, but in fact satisfies one of two criteria necessary for you committing criminal copyright infringement. I've always laughed when people put things like that because It can't possibly do anything to prevent it from being taken it down, but it's everywhere now? (C) 2001 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, … The Overflow Blog Featured on Meta Saying "I do not own any rights" tells those copyright holders that you are the former and not the latter. This video is unavailable.

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