To keep the fixtures from sliding out of place before you get the ceiling up, run a short, self-tapping screw through a place where the mounting arms overlap on each fixture. See more ideas about Basement lighting, Basement ceiling, Basement. 12. You may need a ladder to reach the joist… One important point is that you do not have to use an "Old Work" fixture just because you want to mount the light in an existing ceiling. 9. Choose locations that fall between joists and away from other obstructions. Then, I ran across these ultra-slim Halo LEDs by Eaton ($30 each). Also keep a stud finder nearby to make sure you’re not drilling or cutting into a joist.Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. String lights can be easily hung from a low ceiling of exposed floor joists with screw in hooks, or to a finished ceiling with the addition of drywall anchors. Each of your recessed lights should have a splice box attached to it. Be sure there are no water, gas or other electrical lines on the other side of the joist.Install the hole saw in the drill and drill through the joist at the mark you made. Strip your cable so that the end of the jacket will be just inside the splice box. Make sure you do not snag any wires that may be in the ceiling cavity. Recessed lighting fixtures can provide task lighting over specific areas of a kitchen, brighten any room, update the look of your home, and … Upgrading ceiling lights with electrician Charles VargasIn this video, electrician Charles Vargas shows how to install recessed lights. The typical rule is to place the lights the same number of feet apart as the bulb’s diameter, in inches. Strip the insulation from the end of the electrical cable, then make the wire connections to the light fixture: white wire to white wire, black wire to black wire, and bare copper wire to bare copper wire. You may need a ladder to reach the joist. Recessed lights are an easy choice to provide efficient lighting while maintaining a neutral profile in new construction or during renovations.

Installing recessed lighting fixtures can be a great option for a quick and relatively inexpensive home renovation. They’re often used along driveways, in damp areas of a lawn, and around house foundations to help keep the basement or crawlspace dry.

"New Construction" fixtures are, as the name implies, designed to be mounted in open joisting and then surrounded by the new ceiling material. If the holes are too big or too close to the edge, it may compromise the structural integrity of the joist. I propose to cut about 12" of the joist and tie 2"x 6"'s to the adjacent joists, hence boxing out the space for the light. When running the wires, either from the electrical main panel to a light, or from light to light, the straightest, most direct path is best.Locate the electrical panel, determine the straightest path to run wires to the first light, then the straightest distances from light to light.Make a pencil mark near the center of the joist. Attach a cable connector to the electrical box on the light fixture, then insert the cable into the box. Recessed lighting can provide ambient lighting for the room and highlight decorative elements. Running wires across joists will require making a hole in the ceiling under the joists, cutting a hole in the joist to run wire through and then patching the ceiling. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. If installing recessed lighting yourself, use a hole saw—simply an attachment for your drill—to ensure a perfect, circular hole of the proper diameter. Remember to drill through the joists, halfway from top to bottom, to wire across them, and to staple the cable along the center of a joist as you wire parallel to the framing. In a pinch, you can use a small handheld drywall saw; just take the time to measure and mark the hole very carefully. Installing recessed lights is easier than one might guess and can be a cost-effective way to update living areas, closets or hallways and can provide a modern touch without busting the budget. Mark the locations for the recessed lights on the ceiling. To do this parallel to the joisting, tack a scrap piece of wood across the joist bay at each end, beyond the last light, and set your nail or screw in that. Recessed lighting designed for new construction is configured to be placed up in the ceiling between the joists with mounting brackets that get nailed into the strapping. If you drill directly on the joist then you can't fit the driver up into the ceiling. Use fish tape to pull 14/2 nonmetallic electrical cable from light hole to light … How to Replace a Wall-Mounted Light Fixture (Sconce) If you’ve layered general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting, this will give you more control over the mood and function of the space. So a bulb with a four-inch diameter should be four feet away from the next light. Install the Recessed Lighting Fixtures.

I'm looking for the magical solution which will allow me to wire my recessed lights across joists without having to tear up the drywall in the process (for drilling the holes in the joists). 3. Installing the recessed fixtures between joists where wires are already running is the easiest way to position them. Push the light-fixture housing up into the hole and press it tight against the ceiling. Cut the hole with a drill with a hole-cutting attachment and mark all light locations.

Many homes today are built with recessed ceiling lights, also called can lights. 11. Just look for recessed lights designed to fit through a small hole in the ceiling and mounted to the drywall with clips instead of the joists and strapping.You can use recessed lighting for general lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting—or some combination of the three—but unlike Bulb size will also help guide your placement. Four-inch bulbs are good choices for normal ceiling heights; five- and six-inch bulbs, also commonly available, are good for higher ceilings as they emit a more powerful light.For large rooms with areas that may need to be lit differently at times or spaces where ambiance is important, consider wiring the lights to work with each other in strategic groups.

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