Many of these features will be seen as running gags throughout the season:The Jell-O Program is no more. Jack: "Took 'em back, took 'em back! Seeing him treat total strangers that way is somehow different than seeing him do it to his own cast.Good in-studio action. Elvia: "I haven't told you half what's on my mind. Yippee!" I mean. Phil arrives.

Jack: "Scarlet O'Hara?

Jack: "Listen Don, I've got a lulu for the next television show. Three thousand dollars." Phil describes his fishing trip to Lake Mead, which seems to go over inordinately well with the local crowd. If you don't believe me, listen to tomorrow's episode and you'll find out." 1954: Jack buys a paint set, and keeps exchanging the oil paints for water colors, and vice versa. When she learns that the cab driver is a fan of Dennis', she takes the wheel so that the cabbie can listen. If I'd seen the movie, maybe that would mean more to me. Jack: "Oh, Speedy Riggs! Rochester says he's already been. Jack: "There's not enough difference to talk about." Very good." Phil: "Yeah, I thought he'd be over that virus by now." A couple of them are downright cringe worthy. Jack introduces Frank Nelson, and assures the crowd that their antagonism is just kayfabe. There are no He's." Jack: "Dramatic program? Babe: "Couldn't you make it a half hour? I'm going to get Spearmint." Jack: "You know, it's fun playing with all the red cards wild." Dennis: "Well, you'll have to forgive me. Doctor Foot, Chiropodist. He usually drinks Manischewitz's wine." They look for an uncle, who we know went missing at a place But do English speakers use the catch phrases above just in everyday life? A strong episode. Phil: "Less than an hour, Bagby, we'll be on that Super Chief for New York." He's one of the world's greatest golfers. With better tasting lucky strikes, I sing right in the rain. Jack: "Oh, so I'm going to have trouble with you too. Mary: "Yes I keep hearing rumors that... well, that you don't like Jack too much." What? bank. To do this show right, perhaps they should have flipped Mary's character completely and played her as the only one oblivious to Jack's faults.

He took me to a night club, we sat in a corner, the lights were low, and he got so romantic." Jack thinks he means split it four ways, rather than two. I think it may be an age thing. Dennis' father just got the cast off his foot after six months. I don't know why everybody raves about it, it's awful. Jack: "You got your clothes all wet? In the second show, Jack, as the Great White Hunter, is They search the building, and find a studio that says "Lucky Strike" on the door. Pauline: "Yes. Mary: "Yes, this morning. Mary: "Say Ronnie, do you mind if I ask you something personal?" Jack goes for some chewing gum, and encounters the Tout again, who tries to talk Jack out of buying Bubble Gum over Spearmint. Joey: "Yeah. As they leave, the The winds of March may blow real hard, the weather may be wild, But what care I, I've Lucky Strike, the smoke that's smooth and mild. Jack: "Well Dennis, I didn't think you'd stoop so low as... tell 'em to put a bell on mine, would you?" Mary: "Well, leave the grass in, it'll make the seat softer." Just look at the breeding." taking Jack's toupee back to his teepee. Jack: "Well, how about going to the beach, Mr. Benny? Collins: "This item you've got down as a deduction here. Jack: "Oh Mary, it's you!

She has the operator call back. If smoking pleasure's what you seek, try perfect Lucky Strikes, There's better taste in every puff, enjoyment you will like. Jack: "Oh, waiter! Now, talk fast!" It makes me nervous. Kitzle: "This is my brother's magazine stand. I made $200,000 in radio. In later years, it's Bob Crosby that has trouble with this word. until Cy himself takes over for her. That was very good, Dennis.

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