Somehow there will be a lot of situations where you can lose a fortune through unfortunate circumstances.At the beginning of your career, you choose a smart, accessible path to get an education, and unfortunate circumstances can destroy your plans like loss of money, or a sudden war, or sickness in the family, and you give up school and get a job. You start attracting like magnets helpful people and lasting contacts. They have great intuition and can study occult and metaphysics. When this card enters in your oracle it is to apprise you that you will unexpectedly receive a handsome sum of money, a gift or a legacy from some dear friend or near relative.However, at the same time it warns you that your smiles will be intermingled with tears; inasmuch as you will almost simultaneously learn of the death of some person whose love you have cherished. Have secret fears and need to find answers to their worries. They are inclined to teaching more than to business. Ten of Clubs: Responsibilities, weighed down, burdened but almost at the end of the project/life-stage. Like if they suffered and lost, and then they go against all rules to get things the easy way, and it crashes then even harder.Best professions are in education, teaching, science, writing.

They often move several times to establish themselves.Jacks of Clubs people can be nervous, wondering and have a hard time to concentrate. Jack of Spades: The Trickster is someone who is lazy and may betray you, even though they seem charming. These people tend to work better alone and use their resources to succeed. There is always a young male who represents an opportunity. They love to talk and express their ideas in politics and journalism. Career woman. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Jack of Clubs. This card is also a card of…Your email address will not be published. Another influence shows that you have a tough time to control your emotions.Women typically have unusual looks – not just beautiful, but some dramatic and very memorable look. King of Clubs: Leader, always aware of the larger picture, not good at details. Good entertainers.These natives prefer to work late or odd hours. Learn through hard experience and try to commercialize everything they know. The jack signifies a generous, sincere, and constant friend whose devotion is … Passionate affair. You have such a wealth of knowledge and naturally can teach, write and be a great speaker. The Jack of Hearts, the thirty-ninth card of the Egyptian Tarot, depicts a young blond man, in love, honest and always happy. Jack/Knave of Clubs: Feckless charmer. Knowledge can be aways a must for their success.Jack of Diamonds also a karma card for Jack of Clubs. It is also advisable to move out of the place where you were originally born and stay away from living next to the water.There is a possibility of inheritance and fruits of their past labor.Foreign travel and foreign business are going to be successful. They can commercialize any artistic talent, not just heir own. They are good actors, writers, can play instruments.

You tend to shift blame to others if things do not work out the way you plan.You are calm and happy people when you are using balance and control.

Inclined to laziness and narrow-mindedness.

Financial matters can be complicated and devastated if these people stuck with their addictions.I am not sure why they fear established wisdom. They often live alone.They should cultivate a sense of service and help others. Jack of Clubs is a card of memory. Make excellent actors and writers. You get rewards only if you try hard and use your knowledge and skills. It refers to a child when consulting for a very young boy. It will grow successfully with a woman’s help.King of Clubs is a knowledge card. The Jack of Clubs Birth Card.

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