Zooming in on Kat's eyes, you can see the edges of her contact lenses:The beauty evolution of the 'Vampire Diaries' star. I prefer this natural hair colour, and love how she looks with the super-tight top knot that few can pull off. Hair color: Dark brown: Hair type: Wavy: Hair Length: long hair (bra strap length) Hairstyle: businessy: Distinct feature: smile: Makeup Style: alternative: Skin Tone/Complexion: Type III: Medium skin: Skin Type: Sensitive: Eye color: Green: Does Kat Graham smoke? Another look at 19-yea… It really is perplexing how the white waterlines and Looking at Kat's face from the exact same angle in 2008 and 2017, it's quite obvious that she had some work done to her nose—maybe more than once?She was gorgeous before, but my goodness, that one little tweak was SO transformative. No, never CAUGHT SMOKING: The 60 Most Shocking Celebrity Smokers! As Kat's star rises, her makeup is really starting to lighten up. 'And now for something different... Kat returned to her slicked-down crop for this glamorous lip- and brow-based look. It is truly amazing how much she can wear without it overpowering her.Kat Graham at the 2015 premiere of 'American Horror Story: Hotel. She's way more fresh-faced in this pic than we're used to, but you can still see the beginnings of her makeup creativity with the purple and gold eyeshadows.

Wouldn't you agree? She is half Liberian and half Russian.

She has naturally black hair. Her T-zone hasn't been powdered down and her brows haven't been drawn on, but she did start her love affair with green contact lenses at this time!

I wouldn't have recognized her here, she looks so feline! Of course, her lashes and brows are very exaggerated, with short bangs further drawing attention to her eye area.Anyone else getting Zendaya vibes? Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry Race / Ethnicity. Kat Graham is known for both her eight-year stint on "I'm learning most of my makeup tricks and all my techniques from drag queens, honestly," Kat revealed in a previous interview with Nothing could be further from my aesthetic—I've always been on Maybe it's because she has one of the most unique faces I've ever seen. Kat Graham partook in a national showcasing effort crusade to promote The Coca-Cola Company’s soda, Fanta.

Also, here is her original larger nose, thinner brows and darker eye colour. Yes, she has contoured the sides of her nose, but I still say it looks whittled down, especially compared to 2009. Sorry not sorry—I love these red glitter lips! She is a true beauty chameleon! She's way more fresh-faced in this pic than we're used to, but you can still see the beginnings of her makeup creativity with the purple and gold eyeshadows. For a brief moment in 2011, Kat had lighter brown hair and matching eyebrows, styled here in waves and worn with bold purple eyeshadow. Kat has dyed her hair blonde & she has naturally black hair and Eye Color is Green. The Ombré brows and greige lips aren't my favourite, but her skin looks so radiant! On the lower half of her face, her lovely skin is masked by a matte, greyish foundation.

Multiracial. I think her skin tone changes because she is biracial, and I can't see any evidence of injection work. It really works with the glossy Ombré lipstick. And those waves!

I just adore this straight lob and the neutral makeup palette. Thankfully, she returned to her more natural green lenses because the blue would've been way too much.Kat Graham at the 2013 ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration.This one's a favourite of mine. Big Morning Buzz Live - 2011 Kat Graham Sam Huntington 4-11 was released on: USA: 9 April 2012 What is the color your eyes? I'm always reminded of Adriana Lima when I see straight, black hair and light eyes.Next, Kat flirted with a sandy blonde hair colour.

Although her hair was dyed back to her natural brown-black, everything else demanded attention, from the pompadour hairstyle to the green eyeshadow, false lashes and painted-on brows. This was considered as her originally broadcast melodic execution ever. ("I do my own makeup and I have for years," she told Glamour.) I'm glad she didn't keep this hairstyle; it feels too generic and hides too much of her interesting face.Kat Graham at the 2012 Variety Power of Youth event.By age 23, it was back to black hair and pink lipstick, with a much improved eyebrow game (if not foundation).

Keep scrolling to see Kat's beauty transformation over the years:Kat Graham at the 2008 launch of The Africa Channel.Although Kat began her acting career at six years old, she wasn't spotted on the red carpet until age 19, in 2008. (Even her foundation looks more grey again, but I know the foundation-matching struggle is very real!) Her mixed ethnicity and green eyes makes her different. With her original nose and brows, her eyes appear smaller than they do today.Kat Graham at a Golden Globes gifting lounge in 2009.In 2009, Kat went blonde. Her skin looks gorgeous; smooth and luminous but not caked with foundation. Kat has dyed her hair blonde. Black people can have REAL light colored eyes just as white people without wearing contacts.

She's still wearing a lot, but the effect is softer and warmer. Complete Name: Katerina Alexandre Graham; Nicknames: Kat, KG; Date of Birth: September 5, 1989; Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland; Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer, Model; Zodiac Sign: Virgo; Eye Color: Green; Hair Color: Black

As much as I personally eschew these heavier looks, they are fantastic on her—and I'd MUCH rather see this than Let's just put one thing to rest. I can't think of anyone she really resembles, which has to be a huge advantage in her competitive line of work.By Hollywood standards, her one intervention could be considered downright conservative.

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