Travel. I now have over 40 miniature llamas and am expecting 20 crias this year!

Ecologically friendly: They are excellent foragers and can reach higher than goats and sheep.
!Guards for Predator Management: More effective if over one year of age. DOCE MODELOS HECHOS EN MEXICO. 24 were here. Llamas: Pigs: Rabbits: Sheep: Turkeys: Yaks : Alpacas For Sale : Alpaca Stud Services: Search. Fiber: Their fiber is very soft and Lanolin free. If there is no listing for a ranch in your area, please try the International Llama Registry Ranch locator page.

Jobs. It can be spun and woven into warm clothing, blankets, etc.Usually Llamas will use the bathroom in a communal dung pileWe are proud members of the following animal organizations:783 Holland Road | Powder Springs, GA 30127 | Lindsey Morrison Phone: (770) 722-6669 | E-mail: About Us. Must have adequate shade in summer and shelter in severe weather.They are very intelligent: Extremely alert, observant, curious, trustworthy, peaceful, stoic, gentle but beautiful creatures.They are easy to train: They can carry 25% - 30% of their body weight along with their soft pads and their agility makes them very popular for mountain trekking. IDEAL PARA RENTA PRECIOS SUPER COMODOS. Please take a look at our for sale listing . All of my llamas are ILR registered and most are AMLA registered. After the sale, it's the service that counts! The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service can provide resources for those interested in llama and alpaca production in Arkansas. Login. Gelded males are recommended. I provide stud services as well. They are one of the oldest domestic animals in the world. They are one of the oldest domestic animals in the world.

llama in Arkansas at – Classifieds across Arkansas. Post an Ad. We are a small farm located in western Arkansas with over 40 years experience in raising multiple species of livestock. They migrated from North America to South America and took up residence in the Andean mountains with the Inca Indians and other Natives over 5,000 years ago. Llamas are used more for guardian animals while alpacas are used more for fiber and therapy animals. While similar, llamas and alpacas are used for different purposes.

They also have less impact on plant life than the native deer. The goal is to breed miniatures sires and dams to achieve a miniature cria off spring, however, mother nature doesn't always follow well intended goals. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - llama listings.
Llamas are members of the camelid family. FABRICA DE VESTIDOS PARA QUINCEANOS. Llamas are members of the camelid family. For Sale . Due to the variations in growth rates, we are unable to guarantee or say for certainty that a young llama will stay a "miniature" until they have fully grown to 3 years of age and beyond. Breed Sort By : Alpacas for Sale. We work together to make shearing easy and profitable while bringing in the annual harvest. Llama history. Bailey Farms Llamas Ozark, Arkansas Bailey Farms Llamas Ozark, Arkansas Bailey Farms Llamas Ozark, Arkansas. If you have any other questions or wish to have your ranch listed here, please send me an E-mail with your Ranch Name, City, State, and Website URL. * Alabama * Alaska * Arizona * Arkansas * California * Colorado * Connecticut * Delaware * Florida * I now have an excellent variety of miniature males and a number of females available for sale. I breed and sell alpacas to the public. Vehicles. PIDALOS CON SUS TENIS. Any farm that I mentor is welcome to share in the farm set up costs and bring their alpaca or llama to the annual shearing event. Household. Very healthy: They are very hardy with few medical problems only requiring general worming and CDT vaccinations annually as with any other livestock. Description They are effective for 10 - 20 years and have a low mortality rate. Real Estate. I have an annual shearing event where I bring in a professional shearer and shear the whole herd in a half day.

Quality llamas for packing, fiber & show. CHAMBELANES: TUXEDOS, PACHUCOS, CADETE, MAO, MARIACHI. Leisure Time & Hobbies. 1 Kids’ products & Toys 3 Clothes Electronics. They are very surefooted and ca carry your load as well as entertain you along the way because they are really social animals if they are trained and handled often. As well as breeding for small size, I have focused on docile personalities, long, fine fiber, and good conformation.

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