Notice the bright green color indicating they are not yet ready to spin their cocoon.Imperial and Royal Walnut Moth larva pupate underground. It will take some planning on your part but the rewards far outweighs the costs and we’re here to help you! After that time release her after dark to finish distributing her eggs.

2020 Riverside Native Trees • Tel: 740-815-3230 • Fax: 740-943-5068 • During the very cold winter of 2013 we left the cocoons in the aquarium on the back porch all winter. It may take a day or so for all eggs in the batch to hatch so the young caterpillars will need this food provided by you. We’ve had some socks last for over 5 years so they do weather well.Caterpillars grow through five distinct stages, or instars, as they mature. I check a few times a day to see if they’ve found each other and once before bedtime and again in the early morning.If you do not have a screened in porch handy there are other methods you can use that will allow successful mating. Handmade leather creations are born that resonate with a deep longing for a uniqueness … Spoiler alert: that post will involve prolegs—and you should definitely get excited!

Luna moths are among the largest in North America, with wingspans sometimes reaching beyond 4 inches. Wings can be clearly seen along with the head, antennae and abdominal segmentsIn central Ohio, Promethea, Luna  and Polyphemus moths may have two broods during the summer. This means they have four distinct life stages,  egg, larva, pupa and adult.

Male antennae are large and feathery.Mature Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar feeding on Pin OakPin Oak*, Chinkapin Oak, Bur Oak*, Flowering Crabapple, Norway Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Sweetgum, Black Walnut *=personal experienceCaterpillars are festooned with bumps, spikes, tubercles, hairs and other ornaments and some can look quite ferocious (see the Hickory Horned Devil below) but they are harmless. All of the Luna’s died but the Cecropia’s did fine. Luna Moth Actias luna Adult Wing Span: 2 15/16 - 4 1/8 inches Range: Common in the Eastern United States and Canada Host Plants: Sweet Gum, Birch, Persimmon, Hickory, Walnut, and Sumac Trees Witness the miracle of metamorphosis! The larva will crawl onto the new leaves as they feed and transfer will be complete. ONE REAL ACTIAS LUNA LUNESTA MOTH COCOON (5cm) GORGEOUS COLOR.

It’s the beginning of the end for these moths. Don’t forget to examine the leaves for predators! Luna moths go through five instars before they spin a cocoon. (My wife is a saint)  I pull the drawstrings tight and place them into the sock so they are not hanging out to get tangled. A caterpillar sock is a netted  bag with drawstrings that can be placed over the leafy end of a host plant branch and tied shut. Click on the links or moth images below for more information and to purchase the moth specimen.

Wild Saturniid Silk Moths such as Luna moths start thier life out as a egg. This type of life cycle has only three life stages including an egg,  a nymph, which looks like a miniature, wingless version of the adult and an adult stage. Once they are underground they will shed their final larval skin exposing the dark brown pupal skin.

The Luna moth (Actias luna) is a Nearctic moth in the family Saturniidae, subfamily Saturniinae, a group commonly known as giant silk moths. In general, if you overwinter your cocoons or underground pupae in an unheated garage they will receive enough cold to begin adult development. The mated adult female moth was placed in a brown paper lunch bag to lay her eggs. If you dig them up to look at them you’ll find that they are quite active and the abdomen moves in response to being handled. The picture at the above right shows an egg parasite. If you’re raising Cecropia, Promethea, Luna or Polyphemus you can just leave them in the sock and they’ll spin their cocoons there. Note the darker color seen beneath the skin indicates this individual is ready to spin its cocoon. Caterpillars are light green to bright green with yellow stripes; they display dark, reddish-orange tubercles on each body segment. Each stage is distinctly different from the others. $19.99. Who knows?

There are 180 real luna moth for sale on Etsy, and they cost $56.28 on average. Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars or Chrysalises If there are still a lot of good leaves left you can put the sock back on, secure the drawstrings tightly and let them go for a few more days before you consider changing to fresh leaves. Remember that part of  the reason that we are doing this is because native moths need our help but another good reason to do this is because of your kids and grandkids. In this age of way too many computer games we can all agree that it would do a kid good to be outside and take an interest in natural things. This is termed ‘calling’ and you can see this organ everted at the very tip of  her abdomen when she is actively calling.

What we hope to do here is encourage you to plant native trees and shrubs in your home landscape with the intention of attracting and maintaining all life stages of these insects.Female (L) and male (R) Cecropia Moths. You CANNOT just pull the caterpillar off the branch. Note relative size of abdomen and antenna.River Birch*, Paper Birch, White Birch, Flowering Crabapple, Apple, Boxelder, Norway Maple, Sweetgum, Black Walnut, English Walnut, Ash*, Chokecherry, Wild Cherry, Buttonbush*, Common Lilac, Pagoda Dogwood*, Persimmon *=personal experienceIf your interest is in seeing these beautiful insects, enjoying them as they progress through their life cycle and emerging next spring as adult moths then you must provide the proper food source for their caterpillars.

Wandering is a behavior that many caterpillars go through to look for a suitable place to spin their cocoon. Assuming the caterpillar is healthy at some point it will stop eating and prepare for the pupa stage.

We have found they like Sweetgum the best.All content © 2016.

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