Prey out the four top clips located on the grill. This is where we will connect the power for the lights. You'll also need to cut a notch in the underside of the rear of the fuse box cover in order for the wire to clear one the cover goes back on (See This is the perfect way to add aftermarket driving or fog lights to the gen 2 MINI Cooper. This uses a different type of grille that does not have the slats, but rather a mesh that impedes the bracket from passing through.

Disconnect the battery to be on the safe side.Now remove the driver's side bolster panel. You may need to coil up the wires for the grounds and tie them up on the other side of the grommet (See This unit controls most of the electrical functions of the car. This will act as the ground for the lights. light switch.Begin by removing the driver's side bolster panel. The driving lights should now illuminate.Now follow the directions supplied with the kit to adjust and aim the bulbs. Start with the longer red and brown cable loom and pull it all the way through.Take a small screwdriver and pry the cable retainer out of the body. Once these have been pulled through the grommet far enough, they will merge into a single insulated run of cable (See Inside the car, you will see the following wires. Tie the wire to the ground lug and pull it back out of the grommet. In some cases, you may need to drill through the bottom edge of the grille for the mounting bolts or rivets to pass through (See Some cars shipped from the factory with what MINI calls the aerodynamic package with a different type of grille that does not have the slats, but rather a mesh that impedes the bracket from passing through.

It simply presses on to each end. Next, remove the air vent assembly underneath the bezel panel. Lay the template along the left edge of the driver's bolster panel and tape it in place. (picture #1)    Center bracket: Mark the center of bumper to locate the center bracket. Once correctly aimed, tighten the 14mm nut at the bottom of the light. There is also a relay connector which is not shown in the photo. This is the ground point for the bulb (green arrow).Crimp one of the supplied female connectors to the red wire. Be careful not to damage the foam as you pull them out (See Remove the screws that hold the radio in the console and pull the radio straight out (See Now look at the front firewall near the brake booster. You'll need to pull the door seal off as well.Next, pull up the carpeting and the foam liner underneath to expose the body control module or (BCM). MINI Cooper Quad Light Brackets G2NMX2335 Removal of Grille: Start at one end of the lower chrome trim to remove it, then work your way across by pulling towards you slowly. As you pull the locking tab, it will separate itself from the BCM. It is hinged at the bottom, so rotate it down and carefully remove the panel. Take the supplied wire connector and route the new wiring loom so that the two wires sit in the connector as shown.Now flip the cover of the connector closed and use a pair of pliers to squeeze it shut. On one end of it, you will find two ground lugs, two sets of red and brown wires and a single red wire. Drill a hole in the panel to feed the red wire through (yellow arrow).Remove the 10mm bolt and feed the wire through the hole you just drilled. This fuse protects the harness against any short circuits.Take the other end of the fused red wire and strip the insulation back about 7mm. Your Login Name can either be your E-Mail Address or your Screen Name.

The idea is to have the mounting surfaces of the bracket sit flush against the hood. They pull straight off with a slight tug.Shown here are the two upper mounting screws for the front instrument bezel. Drill a hole in the panel to feed the red wire through.

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