Send-to-Kindle or Email . SPOILERS!!! Especially after really enjoying the series up until now. They drive the car into their garage, and there Kinsey states that she thinks that the person who took the jewels must be one of them if the safe wasn’t drilled and only they knew the combination. I have read and enjoyed all the alphabet books, and have really enjoyed Kinsey and her eccentric band of friends and relations.

She leaves unanswered questions and loose ends which need to be tied up. She phones Jonah Robb, and urges him to come soon, hinting that she has made an important discovery. I feel ripped off after going and buying the book again for $7.99 and I still have no resolution. With P IS FOR PERIL, Ms. Grafton takes some chances. Kinsey smells a rat and calls the sheriff in the town in Texas where the two brothers came from. There's a nice little serene finish on the last page, but it doesn't atone for the plot's void. But there was far too little of that in this mystery. Originally published in 1943, rereleased in 1983, and re-re-released... on 6/2/2020! Lets hope it's a better addition to the series than this. There are two separate storylines and the one with the brothers is by far better. Plot has lots of twists and turns and the style is immensely readable. I had a PDF copy of this book from a friend and when I got to the end I thought I was missing the last few pages because there is no killer identified. There's a blurb of a sentence in which a secondary character joins a main character and the reader can read whatever into the relationship of the two. There was no epilogue or 'Respectfully Yours' so it felt like there were a few loose threads. First time this … P is for puzzled, as I think most fans will be when they reach the end of this book. The story, though slow in parts, was overall very readable. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average.

Categories: Fiction. Year: 2001. 0. Richard isn’t happy that she cancelled the check and the lease, and Tommy also becomes aggressive when she refuses to see him anymore. ← P is for Peril 4 ... Facts → P is for Peril 5 – The End (Pages 273 – end) Posted on August 14, 2017 by mercy2908. I do enjoy Kinsey. 'P'' Is for Peril Grafton Sue. Grrr. Before that, she has a run-in with the Heverner brothers. I gave P is for Peril 3 stars because for most of the book, I found the story to be interesting. I found the story to be engaging (I couldn't put the book down) for the most part, until it started coming to the end. The secondary story line involving the Hevener brothers was far more interesting, and also left quite a few ends dangling. Characterisations perfect and utterly believable. Grafton's writing style of the character, Kinsey Millhone, is good as usual. The worst book of the series. Kindle Edition - Why is the Epilogue still missing? I chuckled where one reviewer said they went to the bookstore to check if they were missing THE last chapter.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Her heroine is a strong independent woman without appearing to stretch. The man escapes, but when Kinsey calls the cops, they manage to stop and arrest him.The following day she gets a weird note from Mariah Talbot, apologising for not having a conscience. All of the cases in this book. The book doesn’t explain much further, but we get to understand that Crystal and Anica, her friend who is a counsellor in Leila’s school, are lovers, and they planned to kill Dow together. Although I am dissapointed with this book, I am giving it three stars because every author has an off year. The woman gives her information about the owners that the clinic has had over the years, and then she discovers that a previous owner was Joel Glazer’s stepmother, so she realises that the present owners are responsible for the fraud, and that is why Dow wanted to talk to the FBI.As for the actual murder of Dow, Kinsey first suspects that maybe Fiona, the woman who actually hired her, killed her ex-husband for the life insurance, but since his body needed to be found, she hired Kinsey. Like usual, Kinsey uncovers the truth about the case. Kinsey realises that Mariah used her to get back on the two brothers, and she feels like a fool.Kinsey also discovers the truth about the clinic fraud when she talks to Tina Bart, the accountant. This slap-dash ending of stories has become way too common in recent books I have read. Kinsey Millhone ventures into the darker side of the human soul in this gripping novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sue Grafton. I expect Mariah Talbot to turn up in Q is for Quarry. Kinsey Millhone never sees it coming. I imagine that the reason why they wanted him dead was the money Crystal would inherit, and since they knew about the problems he had with the investigation for fraud, they must have thought that his death would be linked to this problem.I would have liked an epilogue explaining things better like in other Kinsey Millhone’s books, but I have to say that I really loved the mystery here. Language: english. I like many of the other reviewers were left in a lurch on the last page of this book and looked for the non-existent "Epilogue".

Have always enjoyed all of Kinsey's adventures, predicaments, and foibles. It's a sentence or two which appears from nowhere. She herself is a unique character.

In this book Kinsey seemed bored herself with the investigation, it seemed she was frustrated and giving a half-hearted attempt at solving the crime. I was reading "P" is for Peril and got to page 338 and the next pages were 19-50 then back to 371. The writing was plodding and there were way too many characters to follow. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.This page works best with JavaScript.

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