Philips Crystal Vision Ultra Philips H11 Crystal Vision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb.

LED replacement bulbs do a terrible job with the halogen reflector. While you aren’t going to win any lighting competitions with these headlights, you will definitely notice a difference on the road. 2.5 384 LUX +3%.

Their price points range from about The main competitors in the Halogen Headlight market are Sylvania and Philips. CrystalVision Ultra delivers the whitest light available from a halogen bulb. What ever the case, […] Maybe you left your headlights on, or maybe you forgot to unplug your device from the cigarette lighter.

I love the idea of more light and proper control of that light. Not even a comparison. They are brighter than stock headlights and are roughly the same price. I focused out as far as i could see and counted 6 dashes until the light faded on the low beam. Based on what I had read about SSSU lifetime and my own experiences with CVUs, I expected to use the CVUs for lowbeams and SSSUs for highbeams, but I wanted to test them all against each other first. This exemplary, unique product produces a bright 4000K perfectly balanced white light that will be unmatched on the road. Looks great H36. I tried taking beamshots with my point and shoot and could never get it to work right.

Converting from Halogen to HID or LED headlights will require use of an We recommend adding your specific car to your “Garage” so that you can get product recommendations that are tailored to your specific car. 6. This is due to the fact that your headlights have two settings – Low and High. I love the idea of more light and proper control of that light. No horses or cows were kind enough to come out onto the highway last night but a tumbleweed happened to take a trip down the opposite lane so I had a mock up critter to see.

ultraviolet. This means each bulb is specifically designed for a particular setting – low or high.The other type of halogen headlight bulb is the dual-beam or dual-filament headlight. But, how did the headlights perform? In the $50 range with just under They are manufactured to the same OEM standards and are We rated these bulbs number two due to the great price, the higher reviewer rating and the sheer number of reviewers that are out there. An LED just doesn't emit light the same way a halogen does and has no place in a halogen reflector. HID Lights on Alaskan Roads 2016 GMC Sierra HD Unveiled with HID Lights.

Halogens can work great for fog light bulbs. MaintainYourRide has access to special discount codes, deals, and new product releases.Add Your Vehicle Details for Specific Parts Recommendations

I plan to buy those as soon as possible.

You may have noticed certain cars on the road have a bluish/whitish tint while the majority of other cars have a dull yellow light. __________________________________________________^^ I know exactly what you mean. Luckily, the installation of these lights was fairly straightforward and only took about 5 minutes.

Certain headlight designs separate the two settings into separate housings. The photo below shows the Philips headlight on the left and the stock light on the right.You can see that the Philips headlight on the left has a pure white hue to it. Coming soon N/A. If someone is willing to do the testing and design and can get LED drop-in's that are properly focused to work in the standard, DOT compliant housing, I'd throw money at them. Check here to see if your local store has the bulbs you need in stock for pickup.The first step to a successful headlight bulb install is ensuring that you have the proper parts and equipment.

2.5 384 LUX +3%. There is some debate as to whether or not it is worth using. 3.2 507 LUX +36%. Philips CrystalVision Ultra vs OEM / Original Headlight Bulbs.

That was at least two years ago, and I ride daily. I may have to go this route. Basically, the best fog light bulbs are dependent upon what your primary reasoning and goals are for replacing. Custom exhaust tips, Triathlon Grey with Black interior - Style and Tech packages - 6spd M/TTriathlon Grey with Black interior - Style and Tech packages - 6spd M/T They install just like these Philips/Sylvanias. Waiting on your field review now Motorcycle(s): 2013 White Ninja 300, 2010 Red Ninja 250r (Sold) I ran the Phillips last night and while the light appeared more pale white i liked that i could see the bushes on the sides of the road and the reflectors down the street a ways. The majority of manufacturer and aftermarket fog lights have halogen bulbs standard. However, you will have to pay a higher price. They are significantly brighter than halogen headlights, but they require special equipment to help generate that initial electric arc to light the bulbs. The crisp bright white light provides a perfect color to match for your vehicle's exterior LED lights. JavaScript is disabled.

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