At Jim's burial, Linda notices a strange woman mourning at a distance, who flees when Linda approaches her. Prologue. Roth later subdues her with two assistants and Sheriff Reilly and commits her to a mental-health facility. The lead actors in the film were Richard Lynch, Sharon Farrell, Danielle Brisebois and Jeff Corey. Back at the house, despite Linda's warning, Bridgette runs through a glass door and cuts her face and hands. “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Most of the details surrounding Linda’s husband’s (aka Jim) death are simply red herrings and the main focus of the movie … She searches for Jim, who calls the house and leaves the message from the beginning of the film. Linda visits Jim at his office and meets the stranger from the funeral, who introduces herself as Claire Francis. The next day, Jim is again dead and Bridgette has scars on her face. A depressed woman learns that her husband was killed in a car accident the previous day, then awakens the next morning to find him alive and well at home; then awakens the day after that to find that he's dead.Middle-class couple Linda and Jim Hanson exist in a rut with their two daughters in their comfortable suburban home.

A premonition is when the mind sees an event, or series of events, before they occur. Before Jim goes to bed she tells him, "If tomorrow is Wednesday, please, please wake me up before you leave." She pieces things together, realizing her marriage was failing. On Friday she visits the insurance agent, who tells her that Jim tripled his life-insurance benefits the morning of his accident. The next morning she wakes up in bed and goes downstairs to find Jim drinking coffee and watching TV. She picks up her children and tells them, her mother comes, and Linda makes it through the day.

Linda throws Dr. Roth's number into the garbage and suddenly realizes that her days are unfolding out of order. He prescribes lithium. Roth confides in Reilly that Linda told him Jim was dead the day before the accident, suggesting the likelihood that she murdered him and scarred Bridgette's face.

After the reoccurrences of a few repeating days, she uses her memory of the reoccurring days to correct and achieve the best possible outcome that she is able to achieve. In the movie Premonition the main character sees an unchangeable event and a series of changeable events. Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) was an average housewife with a loving family, but when a policeman comes with news that her husband Jim (Julian McMahon) was involved in a fatal car accident, Linda's world slowly begins to unravel. For the next few days she awakens to find Jim dead on some and alive on others. This instead causes the accident, as Jim's car stalls in the middle of the road when performing the turn. After dropping the girls off at school she goes to see Dr. Roth, who doesn't recognize her, and tells him about the premonitions she's been having. She turns to various sources of professional help. Devastated, Linda calls her mother Joanne for support, and Joanne stays with Linda and the girls for the night. When she awakens the next morning, she finds Jim safe and sound at home; the morning after that she awakens to find him dead.

It was not released theatrically in The film received negative reviews from critics. She records Tuesday as the current day, Saturday as the funeral day, and Wednesday as Jim's death. The film opens with a recollection of the day when Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon) and his wife Linda (Sandra Bullock) acquired their home. On the previous Sunday she visits Father Kennedy who tells her the story of a woman with similar experiences who was hanged for witchcraft. While on the road, Linda is pulled over by Sheriff Reilly, who doesn't recognize her. The film was first released in the U.S. on March 16, 2007. Wednesday approaches.The Hansons--Jim and Linda and their adolescent daughters Bridgette and Megan--are a loving family.

Linda next awakens in her bed and finds Jim in the shower.

Jim is away on a business trip and Linda has just listened to a phone message from him when Sheriff Reilly knocks on the door and informs her that Jim died in a car accident the previous day. She realizes that her days are out of order; her family and friends believe that she's insane.Thursday.

Fast-forward, however, and their connection isn’t what it once was. Premonition provides a scene between the lead character and a priest in which we are granted insight into the possible supernatural device that … As her investigation leaves her convinced that her husband's death wasn't a dream and that her picture-perfect life may not have been quite as flawless as she thought, Linda embarks on a mind-bending journey to prevent her grim premonition from becoming a reality. Linda tells Jim to turn the car around to avert the accident. Linda finds Dr. Roth's phone number in the garbage, but his voice-mail message states that the office is only open on weekdays.

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