An 8-speed transmission keeps you in the right gear at the right time. Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of Contravans, LLC or its agents.

“It is beginning to cut into my fishing time and really starting to tick me off! Turn your Promaster City into a camper van. Electronic Stability Control helps keep your camper van going in the intended direction…toward more adventure and excitement!All of our pre-designed turnkey camper van conversions fit the 2015-present Ram Promaster City except for the 5-Passenger Family Camper Van model.

The front roof van rib over the cab and the rear rib are not removed. Cascade Campers delivers unique campervan conversions. 2007+ RB low roof Sprinters, Dodge ProMaster low roof, and Ford Transit low and medium roof vans can also be fitted with pop-tops. Prices start at $6,400 (including installation) for a pop-top roof that works on 2014+ long wheelbase Transit Connect Passenger Wagon XL, XLT and Titanium models with standard roofs.

If you do a quick google search for Ram Promaster conversion plans or conversion kits, one of the first … I had no idea when I took delivery this summer that this problem would follow me everywhere I go. Your top 3 Ram Promaster Conversion Kit options: 1.

Some companies make much taller tops when raised which will make them more subject to wind rock.A force of 11,042 pounds was applied.

The Penthouse Pop Top — installed adds about 345 pounds, a difference of about 315 pounds. Contravans is the premier designer of adventure van conversions and one-off custom vans.

The strut-assisted pop-top opens up 6.5 feet (2 m) of standing room over top the folded seats and packs in a 48 x 84-in (122 x 176 cm) double mattress surrounded by water-resistant, … Wayfarer Vans – Plug and Play Camper Van Kits. The 12V motors are powerful.

This means they will never fatigue and lose their strength.However, if you have an electric top (o) and you do not unlock the latches before you raise it, you will bend the elevating u-tubes. It easily passed the FMVSS 216 roof crash test (see below).We feel this patented system is the model of simplicity, a straight forward means of making the top go up and down.

Our pre-designed conversions include:Auxiliary Electrical System with 100Ah AGM Battery, Inverter, & USB charging stationsWho doesn’t want to show off their style with some custom accessories? The top itself is made of reinforced fiberglass.

Ram Promaster City Campervan Conversion.

The Chinook beat out the ProMaster City in one area: the top …

The optional bed in the pop-top (or ‘Penthouse Top’) is relatively small – 41″ wide by 76″ long… We will be able to cook, sleep, and work out of this van. Metal parts are all heavy duty construction. Counter-balancing tension and compression springs are over-engineered. Enjoy the soft breezes and scenic views wherever you are.Note: Maximum top load including a top rack is 200 pounds.It’s a fun and comfortable place to nap or enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The sides and rear of the roof cut-out are framed with 14 gauge steel, bolted to the van roof.

You can add, modify or delete any options or accessories that you want.

Center of Gravity — With our RB-50 Conversion and the Penthouse Pop Top, the center of gravity is 45.8″, well …

Our Chinook was similar in size to the ProMaster.

The fabric interior is mildew and condensation resistant. If you do bend them, the u-tubes can be replaced by Sportsmobile.Its convertible car-top vinyl-impregnated fabric exterior is easy to clean. The main bed section is made of the same soft and firm foam as Sportsmobile’s seats/beds. Dual compression and tension springs working with the dual-U-tubes makes the raising/lowering of the top quick and easy.

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