These aren’t the biggest nor most luxurious of the rooms, but they are comfortable nonetheless. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing.Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place!Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life.Obsessed with travel? Maybe someone DID pass away in one of those earlier cabins, such as Walter Adamson, mentioned previously.Few locations are as iconic and as easily recognizable as the RMS Queen Mary. She set the record for most people aboard a floating vessel, 16,683, which still stands to this day. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me!Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. But this hidden world holds its own stories and secrets.The most famous tale from the engine room is of an 18 year-old crewman named John Pedder who tried to slip through watertight door #13 as it closed during a fire drill in 1966.

The first class accommodations may have been named for a queen but they were fit for a king, and celebrities such as Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, and Winston Churchill were but a few of her A-list clientele. They come searching for adventure, a glimpse into the past, a peek into the world of wealth and privilege aboard the worlds largest supernatural “floating phenomenon.”The Queen Mary lives up to her reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the world. B Deck was opened in the 1980’s but not B-340.How then do you explain the many and persistent reports of activity in this room? The Queen Mary suffered minor damages compared to the complete devastation of her escort.After the War, the Grey Ghost returned to her role as luxury ship, but the age of the airplane had arrived. A trip down the deck’s long passageways of glossy wood paneling and carpets of burgundy-and-gold flowers includes an interesting visual phenomenon: instead of a straight corridor, the ship has a curved, banana-like structure intended to add stability to the large vessel.

Tighter security measures were put in place and a 24-hour live webcam was installed in the room to preclude further tampering.A paranormal team called Beyond Investigation Magazine led by Patrick Wheelock investigated the incident in B-340 and During the original airing of the episode, Jason and Grant verbally “suggested” that only a person of small stature could have sneaked into the utility closet or unnoticed third door, manipulated the camera and messed up the bed clothes. In August, Smithsonian Channel celebrates the 80th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the From its maiden voyage in 1936 to its retirement in 1967, this stately embodiment of elegant travel has seen life and death come and go with the tides. The piece de resistance is an elaborate, stylized map of the ship’s ocean crossing from the United States to England and back, complete with a tiny moving crystal ship that tracked the position of the Queen Mary on each voyage.Guests could follow the progress of their journey as they dined on gourmet fare, although few were in a hurry to actually arrive at their destination. The Curacoa sank in less than six minutes, taking all but 99 of the 338 crew with her. Her pregnancy was fraught with complications and without proper medical assistance or a midwife, the woman and her baby died.In another, slightly different account, the woman, a war bride with a newborn baby, was traveling from Europe to meet the father of her child, an American serviceman. Alone and scared, she was afraid to venture out of the room. The woman went into labor before the ship reached the shore. Why this particular room is so haunted is a bit of a mystery. But, the remote provided with that particular model could be used to pause and restart the tape and give the effect shown on the episode. Two small round portholes offer an outside view, although it is difficult to see very far.According to our guide, room B-340 was once available to overnight guests, but persistent complaints about paranormal activity such as strange noises, ghostly footsteps, and peculiar plumbing problems (faucets turning off and on by themselves, toilets flushing on their own) forced management to shut it down. A glowing sun shines its rays across the gentle waves while a crescent moon and twinkling stars hang high above.The haunted reputation of the Queen’s Salon includes numerous reports of paranormal activity. A dull blanket of white and gray paint covers the engine room, in stark contrast to the vibrant color palate of the ship’s public areas.Few passengers ever saw this part of the ship, only crew and staff had reason to be here. It is her frustrated spirit that causes poltergeist-type activity in the room, including throwing hangers and turning the faucets off and on.B-340 was the center of a very controversial episode of Syfy’s The two immediately reviewed the camera footage and were shocked to find the comforter on the bed clearly moving, as if an invisible force were manipulating it! BuzzFeedBlue Well, that's Room B340. For one thing, who’s to say that ghosts must remain where they died? TAPS.Other details surfaced in the aftermath that potentially point a finger at a TAPS member, although these could not be verified to our satisfaction. Instantly, upon walking into B340, I feel something bizarre. It’s possible he was engaged in a game of “chicken” with another crewman, taking turns running back and forth through the door, trying to be the last one through before it slammed shut, but that might be legend.Either way, young John rather calamitously miscalculated and became jammed in the thick metal door as it closed.

After 1,000 trips carrying over 2.1 million passengers, she was retired in 1967.The grand dame was given new life as a hotel, museum, and tourist attraction after being permanently docked in Long Beach, California, and it was then that staff and visitors began to report unusual sounds and ghostly apparitions in nearly every part of her. All ghost hunters worth their sea salt have heard of the Queen Mary and placed her high on their “must see” list. When called into service during WWII, she answered, and ferried thousands of troops to and fro, taking them courageously to the front line and gratefully home again.Among the hoards that flock to her decks now are paranormal enthusiasts and ghosts hunters of every flavor.

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