It's easy! Your smile and love and beautiful heart is all I think about, this is a tragedy and it hurts to see a friend go through what you went through but you were doing something you loved and its unfortunate but accidents happen, and we never know when something tragic is going to happen. A few of the event participants opted to backtrack across the Rubicon Trail and exit at Loon Lake on Sunday. My heart goes out to Rachel and her family. Really? Gray suffered “major injuries” while the passenger suffered “minor injuries,” Stark said.Rebecca Murphy of the Georgetown Gazette reported that Gray’s vehicle had been traveling uphill when it veered off, possibly as a cause of a vehicle coming downhill. Account # is 263017782. My heart goes out to Rachel and her family. "She is doing awesome hun. What's wrong with minimizing the use of non-essential vehicles that are intended to be roughly driven on tricky terrain, increasing the possibility that they will roll and spew gasoline? Also, banning "gas toys" is irrelevant. She has her next surgery this Friday. See if you can locate a five year old and ask him to explain it to you.Best wishes on their recovery. The vehicle rolled over multiple times, ejecting Gray and her unidentified male passenger, 34, of Pilot Hill.The vehicle caught fire, Stark said, which also set fire to the surrounding area. The only thing we know is the support we can give to each other for a successful recovery. May Rachel rest in peace with the angels.Printed in the August 01, 2012 edition on page A1 | Published on July 30, 2012 | Last Modified on August 1, 2012 at 9:27 am The Pirate4x4 thread went south (go figure) and was closed. The Jeepers Jamboree staff kept the participants at Rubicon Springs entertained and fed Sunday, and then led all 457 of them up Cadillac Hill and out to Lake Tahoe on Monday.

It is unfortunate that not all fun involves safety. Really? Your kind words and positive thoughts have been extremely humbling for everyone involved.

Also, Rachel did lose the lower half of her left leg from the knee cap down which is actually great news considering she will still be able to run with the help of a prosthesis. A post from Del Albright on fb this morning includes information if folks wish to help the young lady injured in the crash with medical bills: "If you can find it in your heart and wallet to help with her monumental healthcare bills plase donate to eldorado savings bank [routing # 321170978] with her name [Rachel Anne Gray] and acct # 263017782". She loves you all and has a special thank you for each one of you. Updates about Rachel's condition are being posted at Latest posts from Rachel Anne Gray Foundation set up on fb: As an American, I have the right to set the forest on fire. I love nature and have traveled the rubicon trails many times but I would chose to watch 2000 acres burn before this poor young girl. Its in the constitution, I'm pretty sure.Check out her facebook page for updats on her condition: The Rachel Anne Gray Foundation. Day 10 begins after another very restful night for her.

"Here's the update from Rachel's mom today: "Update from Momma Bear The vehicle rolled over multiple times, ejecting Gray and her unidentified male passenger, 34, of Pilot Hill. thank you for your words. I did not know Rachel, but at least she was doing something she loved. Didn't happen.

They had driven up Cadillac Hill to check-out some recent work done by Friends of the Rubicon, and were on their way back down Cadillac Hill to Rubicon Springs where the Jeepers Jamboree dinner was being served. The land ur homes are built on and the roads u drive on have destroyed more trees than that fire!! Do we really ban travel on an Interstate because of an accident? Her mom is updating everyone on her condition as often as she can.I am a burn victim as well; car accident many years ago. Brakes failed going down. Sometimes they catch fire, ask any fireman. Good thing it is not fire season! I am going to do what I can to pay her a visit and in the interim Rachel and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.Kevin Hower. Can we get an update on how she's doing?Evacuations?

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