Som Hye In. Ah~ every kpop fan's love. She used to insert music of gay male singer Troye Sivan in her Vlog posted on Youtube, dance cover to the song of singer Kehlani – another artist of the LGBT community.Jennie also constantly acted in support of the LGBT community when responding to fan messages and said that a girl’s love is not necessarily for a boy. At 9 a.m....The BLACKPINK maknae has brought a lovely and also charming image in the new teaser. Shes a hardcore EXO-L (she used to be a sasaeng, not proud about that) and shes still friends with many sasaeng, (mainly exo sasaeng). The K-pop singer, Som Hye In, who made her way to the K-pop industry after joining the reality show, Idol School, came out in 2019 as bisexual after posting her photo kissing another girl on her personal Instagram account. Han Bit is not actually the first transgender kpop idol. Lisa then fondly smiled at Rosé and carefully folded the flag.Moreover, while in the US, when a female fan gave Rosé a stuffed animal and said it was a gift from her girlfriend on their first date, the female idol immediately asked who her girlfriend was. All Rights Reserved.A 7-year curse is a belief that a lot follows, as the superstition suggests that the seventh year is a crucial year where misfortunes happen. He is often rumored to be gay and dating other male artists. When the fan pointed to her lover in the crowd, Rosé did not hesitate and immediately praised: “Lisa also repeatedly expressed love and respect for the LGBT community. When asked about her sexuality, the singer admitted the speculations saying, Debuting in 2016, the K-pop band's leader, Hyeong Seong, also confessed to being a bisexual. I think people should not get mad at others for thinking idols can be gay. BTS Jimin- People can preach all about Korean culture they want. This is why fans fear that these K-pop groups that are on their 7th year in the business will end up plunging to bad luck.As K-pop becomes more global, more Western artists are reaching out to idol groups to collaborate. Fans are seeing more and more idols who openly support LGBT.Today, on the occasion of the International Day against LGBT phobia, the actions of supporting this community of famous idols are brought back by fans. Holland receives criticisms and discriminations due to his sexuality and even consider suicide due to bullying. He initially came out as gay in 2015, and upon coming in Korea, his friends told him to keep his sexuality secret, but he's proud of his identity, making him the first Korean artist that is openly gay.Hanbit, who debuted in a girl group, MERCURY, is a transgender model, singer-actress. Thanks to their delicate and adorable actions, society has become more positive and open toward LGBT.The YG girls have not just once publicly supported the LGBT community. However, Heechul never denied it, and his reason is: “Like J-Hope, V also used to wear a rainbow outfit to support LGBT. 10 K-pop idols Who Admitted They Are Part of the LGBT Community 1.Holland. Wendy said “Moreover, in the MV and the performance of the song “Taeyeon is also a famous female singer who often shows respect and appreciation for LGBT. Marshall Bang, who debuted in 2018, came from Orange County to pursue his dreams of becoming a K-pop star. Im not gonna lie, i also love boyxboy and etc but i really REALLY dislike how double-faced Korean society is. Red Velvet 6… Meaning, he doesn't have any kind of attraction, whether to women or men. In particular, on his Facebook account, he stated in his bio that he is both attracted to man and woman.It's very rare for K-pop idols to have a public relationship with a same-sex idol, but Seungho, and B.Nish, who are both members of the K-pop group D.I.P admitted that they are dating for years from their debut in 2016. Heechul (Super Junior) 3. I mean, in almost all of the tv shows, you will see a variety of cute games between two guys or two girls, almost kissing or hugging or whispering sweet things to each other. Theme by MVP Themes, powered by Wordpress.

Before debuting in 2018, he first came out in his middle-school years, and it didn't go as smoothly as expected. Like Han Bit, the group got quite a bit of attention for being transgender in a traditional country but unfortunately disbanded in 2007. Born in 1975, she identified as female from … Fans have been waiting for weeks without seeing BLACKPINK members appearing on promoting poster of...  BTS has held online interviews to promote the new single – Dynamite – as well as interviews revolving around Lady Gaga and...The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Thus, these K-pop idols took the courage and stood proud of their real identity, announcing it to their fans and to the world that they are part of the LGBT community either before their debut or after establishing their career in the industry.© Copyright 2017

Through this, fans more appreciate the 4 girls’ golden personalities, being open-minded and respectful regardless of gender.Heechul also revealed the reason for not addressing the rumors regarding his sexuality and made many fans touched. Although this is just a small action, Taeyeon has scored a huge point in the fans’ hearts. On a trip to Vienna, Seulgi and Wendy discovered a traffic light showing a female couple. On a brightly lit stage, two male K-pop stars with glowing skin and perfectly coiffed hair are nibbling either end of the same long, chocolate stick. Jisoo showed her support by wearing a printed shirt with the famous figure in the LGBT community – Sandra Brant in the MV “These are just a few among countless times BLACKPINK girls openly support LGBT. However, the people like him became his motivation to become a singer and to become the voice through his songs. Fanservice and Bromance.

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