Amazing how a 67° head tube angle sags out to an XC-trail number in 2019. AMI wonder what percentage of Chameleon owners will appreciate the attention that went into this dropout interface. My 2.6" knobby didn't clear with the stays set at their shortest, but at ~425mm with my single speed setup there was plenty of room.Wanting to go bigger? Photo: DSWhether size medium or large, I think the pedaling position is brilliant for delivering power. We'll do everything we can to get you back to riding as fast as possible.If you have any other questions or would like to follow up on a warranty claim, contact our The sole remedy available under the foregoing express warranty and all implied warranties is the repair or replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value, as determined by Santa Cruz Bicycles in its sole discretion. The aftermarket Single Speed dropouts use an IS160 mountThis bike uses integrated headset cups. Unfortunately, the drop-in bearing headset spec means there is no option to put in an angleset or else I could have found my happy place with a -2° headset, 150mm fork, and the stays run full long on a large frame.I think any complaints I have about the descending prowess of the Chameleon come down to what I'm used to. Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more.This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads.

It’s Darwinism in action.We took the fun-loving, shreddy spirit and adjustability of the beloved aluminum Chameleon and added a lighter, faster, more advanced version of the species. DSThere are lots of great options in other materials, including the aluminum version of the Chameleon which matches the ride quality while remaining much lighter than the equivalent bike in steel.

This is literally the moment I found out it was a carbon bike.

Especially with a bit longer fork that rode higher in its travel. That’s a pity, oval rings for SS and something I wouldn’t want to compromise on.That’s a great point, as I vastly prefer an Oval too. However, registration will make it easier to establish your original ownership and otherwise process your claim. Fully evolved with 120mm or 130mm and 29" or 27.5"+ wheels. Plan to run a 34t for single speed usage. AMI went into a lot more detail on how the drop outs are adjusted in my There is a 142 x 12 single speed specific dropout kit available for those wanting to use their existing high-end single speed wheelset, but I'd suggest anyone going from scratch just build up a Boost wheelset and enjoy the future swap-ability.Using a Problem Solvers Zinger kit I used the stock XD Hope / Reserve wheelset for some of the test period. An oval 32t will have chain contact with the stay. AMThe Chameleon was a great bike to climb on. In the event of a non-warranty situation, Santa Cruz Bicycles will make replacement parts available to the original owner at a reduced charge for the applicable warranty period described above.Prior registration is not required for warranty claims. The carbon Chameleon frame is 250 grams lighter than the aluminum frame. He has tonnes of steerer - certainly the Works is much taller than the ZS44/EC/44 King he was running.thanks so much for the detailed answer - almost as thorough as your excellent review above :DVery cool, now I only need to figure out if my fork has enough steerer left, and if so I will go down that route as well with the Honzo Ti. The Reserves are stiff.AM, You mentioned that this bike would be a decent DJ bike. Can't help but wish for a rigid fork with a long enough A-C.  Do you think Niner's 490 mm fork would work well? To register your Santa Cruz products, please hit the links below.Something not right? Anyone considering building a single speed might want to start from a frame set, but I also think I could min-max myself a geared carbon Chameleon to better suit me for 5700 USD* starting with a frame and working with my local shop. DSApparently SRAM's carbon cranks are the most reliable on the market, but I'll stick with aluminum on my own bikes, thanks. This makes for similar angles and BB height between wheel sizes. I enjoy the copper-brown and think up close it highlights the organic shapes of the frame. This modern take on the anywhere, anything, any-trail 'mountain bike' could be just what you need. What is your and your little mechanic's opinion on that one so far?Most my personal Honzo riding experience is in the steel Honzo (all generations) and they’re definitely heavy riding and very stiff as steel frames go. It’s very cool that SCB does SS specific dropouts but on the Carbon Chameleon I’d stick with 148 - can always cut + file or grind the hanger off. Photo: AMIt's a hammer up the climbs like you're mad bike. The return process is simple: Fill out the Santa Cruz carbon water bottle cages are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for life from the original date of purchase. DSTire clearance is also impressive for a carbon bike, especially with the option to run the stays at 415mm with a true 2.3" knobby. You can also mount a traditional 2-bolt waterbottle cage.Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any frame or rigid fork made by Santa Cruz Bicycles it determines to be defective in materials or workmanship. Great bike, but not the same as my rigid Surly (my favorite). View full specs. There are increasingly great options for 27+ rubber and what's more on-trend that running a 27" rear wheel with a 29" front wheel?

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