Chambered in classic .45-70, Uberti’s replicas of all 6 configurations of the 1874 Sharps Rifle are true to the originals.. The left side of the receiver has a small anchor, denoting Navy ownership, while the right side is marked with the government inspector's mark 'P/FCW. but the serial number on the.Sharps Borchardt Old Reliable Model 1878 military rifle Produced by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company c.1878-81 - serial number 7274..45-70 government single.Original U.S. Civil War Sharps New Model 1859 Military Slanting Breech Carbine- Serial Number 50531 Original Item: Only One. Model 1860 Spencer Carbine (Civil War & Indian Wars) The Spencer carbine was one of the most popular firearms of the Civil War, though it was not issued until the end of 1863. The 1903A3 in my collection was manufactured by Remington the same year.It is in unissued condition and looks like it just came off the assembly line.
Because this type of sword was only carried by sergeants, it is likely that these items belonged to one of the six sergeants assigned to this unit. (Flayderman reference number 9A-419.). (Flayderman reference number 9A-455.). Perhaps as a result, a number of different rifle companies currently offer reproductions of the Sharps rifle.Sharps' initial rifle was patented September 12, 1848The second model used the Maynard tape primer, and surviving examples are marked Edward Maynard - Patentee 1845. I own an original Civil War for this musket. Lower” Retailer marked Barrel – Serial number “157084”, 40 Sharps Caliber (40 Caliber was the most accurate and was used by a majority of competitive shooters of that era.

My rifle is one of these rifles.It is chambered for. During the Spanish American War, the War Department established several new black regiments because some incorrectly believed that black soldiers were immune to tropical diseases. (Flayderman reference number 5B-253.). It is a single-shot breach loader that fires an unusual cone-shaped cartridge. My Mark VI was made in 1918. The Sharps rifles supplied to anti-slavery factions earned the name Beecher's Bibles, after the famed abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher.The 1874-pattern Sharps was a particularly popular rifle that led to the introduction of several derivatives in quick succession.

This pistol's 4 inch barrel is imprinted with the Colt New York address.It has the early Type 1 brass trigger guard and back strap. It was one of the few designs to successfully transition to metallic cartridge use. Although not officially adopted, many selected the C96 Mauser because of its firepower. In addition, the Sharps rifle was expensive to manufacture (three times the cost of a muzzle-loading The carbine version was very popular with the cavalry of both the Some Civil War–issue carbines had an unusual feature: a hand-cranked grinder in the stock.Unlike the Sharps rifle, the carbine was very popular and almost 90,000 were produced.Sharps made sporting versions from the late 1840s until the late 1880s.

Special Operations personnel carry the M4 carbine with a variety of high-tech sighting devices.The gun in my collection is a semi-automatic version of the M4 carbine.

The partially engraved locks are tight and the percussion hammers are aligned with their respective nipples.The rib between the barrels is hand engraved with the phrase “Laminated Steel Barrels.” The name of the maker is unknown. As John McAulay writes on page 48 of his Civil War Small Arms of the U.S.Navy and Marine Corps, the United States Navy placed the first order for the New Model 1859 Sharps Rifle. Their aim was to produce a lighter and handier weapon for use by British airborne forces in Europe. During the war, local men loyal to the Union joined Company E (Preston Section) of the 1st Regiment Eastern Shore Infantry. Soldiers and Marines during WWII.

It was used in the Civil War by multiple Union units, most famously by the U.S. Army marksmen known popularly as 'Berdan's Sharpshooters' in honor of their leader Hiram Berdan.At this time however, many officers were distrustful of breech-loading weapons on the grounds that they would encourage men to waste ammunition. The M1895 was popular with Texas Rangers and others needing a strong and reliable firearm. It was also carried by both Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. ).Model 1899 Krag Carbine (Philippine Insurrection & Boxer Rebellion) The Springfield Arsenal made the M1899 Krag Carbine from 1899 until 1902. According to Mr. Marcott, they were simply too valuable not to put them into the hands of the best people. Rifle Model 1841 'Mississippi Rifle' (Mexican War & Civil War) Eli Whitney of New Haven, Conn, made this rifle in 1851. M9 pistol got its initiation under fire during the 1991 Gulf War.Mc Pheeters Antique Militaria NEW MODEL 1859 SHARPS NAVY RIFLE – IDENTIFIED BY SERIAL NUMBER AS HAVING BEEN SHIPPED TO THE WASHINGTON NAVY YARD IN 1860 – AN EARLY IDENTIFIED SHARPS RIFLE IN VERY NICE CONDITION: This New Model 1859 Sharps Navy Rifle, Serial Number 33951, is recorded in US Military documents held in the National Archives as having been delivered to the Washington Navy Yard, Washington D. C., on November 15, 1860. It has a beautiful walnut stock with a tiger stripe grain pattern. It was the chief competitor to the Colt Model 1860 Army. Moderators: Kirk, Lucinda. Serial numbers. It has an adjustable rear sight, 8' barrel, and removable shoulder stock. This rifle is in excellent condition with a near-flawless bore. The Springfield Arsenal made this particular firearm in 1861, the first year of the war. My rifle accepts 5, 10, and 20 round box magazines.

These rifles are chambered for the 'cadet' cartridge. Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Carbine (1943) During WWII and subsequent American occupation of Japan, thousands of these rifles found their way to the U.S. As war souvenirs.
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