Never has there been a frog hopping toward me, and I thought ‘man, I’d better play dead. Kelly got some large elbow pasta with cheese and pepper that was very nice. Yesterday we got promoted to Platinum.And this isn’t really a big deal. There are like 50 parts to it.

And I don’t understand Catholic dogma or any of that stuff, so it is really inscrutable to me. Mitchell Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 29, 2005) was an American stand-up comedian known for his odd subject matter, stylistic elocution and memorable routines that often consisted of a string of one-line non sequiturs. He claimed that Smackie is the English equivalent of Smokey the Bear. Jack Harlow Recommended for you Both were incredible. In particular, I want to talk about Russell Crowe.Russell Crowe is getting blasted on the Internet. There are some other permutations, but that covers 90% of the games I play.Anyway, for an incredibly long time Phil and I have been stuck in the Silver league for 2v2, and this has always made me crazy, because I know that we are better than that. People are talking about him like he is the worst singer in the world.

As the claim goes, they have “tens of listeners.”Anyway, if you want to get a taste for what the show is like, may I humbly suggest listening to episode #850.

I’m glad they are around, and I guess now I’m a dog person.This weekend, Kelly and I went to see Les Miserables with the family. It is great having them, but it disrupts my normal schedule enough that things like doing this fall to the side.And while I’m really sad that the holidays are over, it is also nice to get back to normal, and back to a routine. I was back in the gaming business.Okay, so with that out of the way, SC2 has a ranking system to tell you where you stand in regards to the other players. $200 for the movie and food for a group of six. So all of our dogs are rescue dogs, with Snowy being the most “rescued” of them all. It turns out that I was a moron.

I’ll watch them on Netflix.


So I look forward to it, and have a good time, and then wait another year before I can be bothered to go again. Suhr Specs2 by Smacky the Frog posted Jan 14, 2020 at 10:30 PM. Manly stuff.

There have been good things, but some really serious disappointment. Because I am a huge killjoy, I guess. But here I am.

A deceitful, promiscuous female who dresses raggedly and despite much experience, still maintains to be minimal, sloppy and brutish in the art of kissing and love making.

And numerous other shows. But they will also have interviews with people from Fran Lebowitz to Patton Oswalt to Ira Glass to a random guy talking about Scientology.

Profile posts Latest activity Postings About. It isn’t a call in show, although they have had call ins from time to time.What it is, I guess, is the ramblings and mind dumps of Luke Burbank and his friends and coworkers.

I thought Russell Crowe did an amazing job. Snowy was completely stoned when I picked her up, and really couldn’t even walk for the rest of the night. I almost don’t know what to do in my car when I don’t have it to listen to, and when I’m cooking at night with no TBTL on, things just seem off. I believe the words “not as good as pizza hut” were mentioned. And now Downton Abbey. That should be an… interesting experience. That is where Neo’s family is from, and it would mean a lot to them to get a ceremony over there.

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