I was a vice detective for many years. It’s also one of the best guns you can have on you period if you need to get that gun out in a hurry. The 43C has virtually no recoil so it’s also useful for training new shooters who will be carrying a snub revolver. A handgun not only had to be small, but well concealed to the point that the carrier could pass a cursory (fortunately sloppy!) Fully loaded, pocket pistols typically weigh between 10 and 17 ounces. I do think shootability is important, especially if you plan to actually practice with this gun. Because a carry gun doesn’t do you any good if you don’t actually carry it.Like I mentioned earlier, pocket pistols and snub nose revolvers are pretty close in terms of weight, but pocket pistols tend to be much smaller. In Part 16 of our Pocket Pistol Series, we’re taking a hard look at when and why the average armed citizen might be better off with using one over the other for concealed carry. Those are places where it’s not illegal to carry a gun but there could be serious consequences if someone found out you were doing it. If you ever have to use your gun to defend your life, there is a very good chance you won’t actually have to fire it. Co. DP-12 Shotgun Case (Gen-2) A pocket pistol that’s been vetted and test fired can be pretty reliable most of the time and with a well-thought out and practiced carry method, it can be easily accessible, too.© 2009-2020 LuckyGunner, LLC. But the situation could be a lot more subtle than that. If anyone even suspects you might have a gun on you, permit or no permit, they’re calling the cops. I can find a way to conceal one in almost any environment I’m going to be in and I’m confident in what I can do with it. Checked Baggage ApprovedMax: 62″ Linear Inches (L+W+H) & 50 lbsThe Largest & Lightest Checked Baggage Case Sizes AvailableCC2317143ISK | ID 23.00″x17.00″x14.00″, (60.76″, 21 lbs)CC242410SWPP | ID 23.25″x23.50″x9.50″, (62″, 22 lbs)CC231716DXPP | ID 23.50″x17.25″x16.00″, (61.75″, 25 lbs)CC242112DXPP | ID 23.75″x20.25″x12.00″, (62″, 22 lbs)CCRR251414TWPP | ID 24.87″x14.50″x14.00″, (60.88″, 25 lbs)CC271912SWPP | ID 26.75″x18.50″x12.00″, (62″, 24 lbs)CC271910DXPP | ID 27.00″x19.00″x10.00″, (61.50″, 20 lbs)CCTSW281414PP | ID 28.87″x14.25″x14.00″, (62″, 21 lbs)CCTSW281711PP | ID 28.87″x17.25″x11.00″, (62″, 20 lbs)CC1615AIPE | ID 29.59″x15.50″x9.38″, (62.00″, 14.06 lbs)CC339ACC | ID 32.90″x18.90″x8.90″, (61.00″, 12.25 lbs)CC037CBTZ | ID 35.90″x14.50″x5.28″, (61.92″, 18.5 lbs)CCH3611W1SK | ID 36.75″x12.00″x8.25″, (61.57″, 14.5 lbs)CC108361PL | ID 37.00″x13.00″x5.12″, (61.50″, 11 lbs)Oversized Checked BaggageMax: 62″-80″ (L+W+H) & 51-100 lbsThese Will Cost Extra Each Flight, But Are AcceptedLaser Precision Custom Foam Inserts to Fit Your GearPurchase Stock Foam Sets for the Case You Already HaveThe case weighs about 18 lbs with no gear. If I do that with a pocket pistol, I still have the back of the slide that I have to conceal and if I need to draw, I’m going to have to slip my hand in between the gun and my waistband. All Rights Reserved.

Today, I’m talking about the more narrow sub-set of small-frame lightweight snubbies with barrels around two and a half inches or less. This snub-nose revolver is accurate and quite reliable through well over 100 rounds.

For most users, I would recommend the .38 Special snub nose because of the choice in ammo, including some designed specifically to perform well in snub revolvers, as well as the wide variety of models, and the ease of handling. And that brings me to the next point: accessibility.This attribute is probably the one that is most often overlooked but I think it should be near the top of the list of what you look for in a carry gun. If it’s a properly functioning revolver, just about the only way to make it stop mid-fight is to grab the cylinder and keep it from turning. It is usually some combination of felt recoil, trigger, and ergonomics. Like I mentioned earlier, pocket pistols and snub nose revolvers are pretty close in terms of weight, but pocket pistols tend to be much smaller. The foam insert is closed cell military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean if wet or oily.

Protect your investment, buy Case Club.CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Yes. The revolver, on the other hand, doesn’t care how you grip it, especially a double action only revolver like this one with a shrouded hammer. Historically, .38 is considered to have better ballistics. But you will have to get it out. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a snub nose, either.

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