I appreciate that.For your same reasons Laurel, I would marry Darryl Carter!Thanks Debra. We’re searching for a perfect pairing to BM Soft Fern for one of the bedrooms.

And that’s worth something!First of all, I adore your writing style and humor. Who knew? I have it in a good portion of my house. It is a highly changeable color. I think it looks dirty. It is better for brighter rooms, I think.Oh man, since that post, he painted the outside of his home too! It’s really true!Thanks for your list, I love reviewing posts with the many variations of one color…grays, whites, etc. Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17) White Dove is a beautiful warm white that we have in both our entry way and our kitchen (pictured below). Both are Benjamin Moore. The eyes tend to go to the corners and the corners are where the colors often are the strongest as they are reflecting each other.I love this review of white. The thought crossed my mind to add it in, but then I forgot.

It just looks warm and lovely, like it was lit from within. BM – LINEN WHITE. Don’t knock yourself out. Today, I am reviewing a particular shade of white paint- Chances are… if you have been researching white paints recently, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed in a rabbit hole of swatches. Oh my. Particularly one that is south facing with a lot of sun?I would definitely test it, but yes, it would make a beautiful exterior paint color!I did soft chamois in my nursery, which is small and not much natural light and love it, but on our focal wall i did board and batton on half the wall and painted it dove white, which looks very similar next to the soft chamois color…recommendation on a good accent color to use instead of dove white?I have a small living room and I will be painting it with soft chamois walls.presently it is a dark taupe and we are so tired of the darkness! White Dove OC-17 is our go to white. )Our home was newly painted from top to bottom in Swiss Coffee when we bought it. Natural light and the size and shape of each space has a huge impact on the outcome of how a color will look. My. I don’t know if we have Benjamin Moore around us to get that brand. A little yellow but also grey?It does…paint is always a difficult decision, isn’t it?Hi! Some designers love this color.

To test it, make large sample boards and look at them in different lighting situations. Thanks Hi. In reality, white can be one of the hardest colors to choose. I know no paint is “pure” white but I haven’t been able to figure out the undertone of Winter White. However, I went through all 347 comments. Also a great neutral ceiling color if the walls have a colorful and patterned wallcovering.And my 5th top 5 white is Soft Chamois by Benjamin MooreThis understated soft tone works well on walls throughout the home, or a single room. I love hearing about the transformation.

However, I am not holding it against him.Aside from the fact that he’s already married, I would gladly marry him, sight unseen. The latest and biggest update has been updating the kitchen and adjacent living room which included new countertops (goodbye dark green granite) and new paint on cabinets, built-ins, doors, trim (goodbye bagel color). A really important thing to remember when using white and for any colour for that matter is to use the brand of paint the colour belongs to.

Obviously the builder and designer had picked Bone White to come close to the cabinets but I just can’t live with the yellowish trim color everything anymore. ?What color are you painting over? And, Okay, now that we’ve gotten all of that out-of-the-way, let’s begin, for real on this important topic of the best white paint colors.Over the years, if I had to state the NUMBER ONE ISSUE that people face when decorating their homes is:What damned color am I going to paint the walls, ceiling, trim, etc. ;] If you’d like to meet my six husbands I am happy to share this information because I know it’s so difficult to know which shades of white are the best shades of white paint.Some of you know all of this already, but most probably don’t.In addition, the light reflecting on any individual object if changeable is going to affect the color we see.This is why, a color might look different at 10:00 AM than it does at 4:00 PM.Or, two walls adjacent to each other might read as two completely different colors.The lighter the color, the more it is affected by the light hitting it, and the lighter it projects back to our eyes.And, there’s more. It has a teensy, eensy, weensy bit of gray. Once you have one you love, you don’t need to go looking for another. (Winter White grayed out next to the beige Ballet White and beige carpet in my hall, whereas the Simply White has a glow to it).I could go on and on about paint color but you get the picture. I read somewhere it was lavender but I can’t really tell from looking at it.

Another reason to warm things up a bit if feasible.2) Replacing the countertops isn’t in the budget.

Yikes! The tints vary from brand to brand so asking the local DYI store to produce a colour but on a different brand is a recipe for disaster. A bathroom remodel can be an exciting and overwhelming project to take...

While it might be possible with a talented paint mixer, that is unlikely. XOXOWell, you know that I love your home and your decorating!!! I LOVE your posts!

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