The fact is if I had something I really wanted to write, I would write it. Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim’s (85) relationship with Jeff Romley (36) is the widest age gap of 48 years!
Ambivalence is something I’ve been accused of, and that’s absolutely right, because I think it’s the stuff of drama. Sweeney Todd (1979) opened to terrible reviews in London – 'It was my love letter to England and I felt like a spurned lover,’ Sondheim would later remark – but became one of his most enduring shows and is now widely recognised as his masterpiece. Find out how rich is Jeff Romley Bio, Wiki and assets: luxury houses, cars, yachts & salary. Stephen Sondheim(left) with partner Jeff Romley in the presence of another celebrity guest (Photo: As of now, the composer is in a relationship with Jeff Romley. The lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II lived nearby, and Sondheim became friends with his son Jamie. It showed a choir of high school children, some 200 strong, singing Our Time, the closing anthem from Merrily We Roll Along. From: Twitter Watch: Joan Rivers- 'Here I am with the GREAT Sondheim' Date: 2011-12-20. 'But I don’t think any child ever thinks of that unless someone says that to you. 'They’re exactly the people you should speak ill of, because you can’t hurt their feelings.’ And he is unsparing in what he calls his 'heresies’ about the giants of musical theatre. His zodiac sign is Aries. 'Studying the hat/Entering the world of the hat/Reaching through the world of the hat/Like a window.’ Sondheim says he was originally asked to do a book of collected lyrics 14 years ago. I’m afraid of disappointing them. He wants it. 'If she was in a good mood she was sort of fun. Sondheim cites the line from My Funny Valentine 'Your looks are laughable/unphoto­graphable’ in evidence, on the grounds that 'only vampires are unphoto­graphable’. 'No, you’re absolutely right,’ he says. It’s not meant to be an intellectual treatise, it is something the audience should completely watch and understand.” He hates bullshit.’ In Finishing the Hat Sondheim writes that as he ages he recognises what other composers before him – and he cites Richard Rodgers and Leonard Bernstein in particular – had to deal with: 'the sense of becoming old-fashioned, of being reduced to recycling old ideas. Dustin Lance Black, 41, and Tom Daley, 21

'It baffles me,’ Sondheim says, 'because I’ve written other ballads that I think audiences will like and that could have been hits, but I come from an era when hit songs did not come from the theatre.
In an interview with the Standard, Elliott revealed Sondheim – who is openly gay and in a relationship with Jeff Romley – didn’t have any hesitations about the change. Like many of his shows, Company opened to lukewarm reviews, only later becoming a success. He has lived in New York all his life, and his work, while seldom explicitly about the city, seems very much to reflect its sensibility – sharp, sophisticated, knowing. He has written his share of beautiful songs – listen to Not a Day Goes By or Losing My Mind (an improbable hit for the Pet Shop Boys and Liza Minnelli) – but he is more likely to subvert a melody if it threatens to become too 'easy’. As Sondheim acknowledges in his introduction, a book of song lyrics is a contradiction in terms: 'Theatre lyrics are not written to be read but to be sung.’ But Sondheim’s lyrics stand apart from the music, like playlets in themselves, unparalleled in their wit, erudition and ingenuity. Nothing makes him crosser than when various directors sidle up to him and say, “I understand what you have written.” I have heard him on more than one occasion say, “Listen, all the thinking about my show I have already done. He laughs. That’s something I’m not ashamed of feeling; I just wish I didn’t feel it. Everything went “wham” and I understood what Hammersteinish musical theatre was about.

You try it a fourth time and they say, “Oh, that’s awfully old hat.”’ He laughs.

How do you do that on the stage? Did he forgive her?

Remember, age is just a number, the heart wants what it wants, and loads of other cliches that just so happen to, every so often, be true. 'Well, I’m not writing.’ He has produced only one work in the past 15 years, Bounce, which ran briefly in Chicago and Washington, DC, in 2003. Contribute. I’ve always simplified it, that you can do without one of them, but you can’t do without two. At the age of 80 he exudes the vitality and mental sharpness – a sort of coiled energy – of a much younger man.

She was entirely dependent on me.’ He continued to support her financially, and to see her occasionally.

He is dressed casually in a sweater and baggy khaki trousers.

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