I did mine on Turbo Tax the day it came out and it was accepted by IRS and nothing. Because I have, I got an email saying my submission was accepted now I’m just waiting to see if I’m eligibleYes. Just now my E-File Status in the portal updated to a message stating that I was accepted for the stimulus payment!!

Ok so like many people all over my stimulus check did not come when it was supposed to.

But of course came out with there app 1 week before they put the one they did for the irs. Families with children would be eligible for additional payments of $1,200 per child (again, subject to income requirements), up to a … I know we're all mad and frustrated but we can get through this together. Still nothing so far, I think I read that non filers cant use get my payment app tool. Ok August 6th I called the irs (was finally able to speak to a live person) they told me my check was sent to a P.O Box and that is why I never received it.

We basically just have to wait. So u will be waiting longer for it to go through them. Only thing is I’ve never had a P.O Box. Just trying to calm down looking at this now as "better late than never", and hoping the proposed stimulus for essential workers in healthcare also passes (that proposed retroactive +$25,000 bill from last Wednesday).Edit: additional comments added of steps on the IRS siteI know for a fact if u used turbo tax to file the non filers or if u use any other tax preparer that advances money or if they get ur money take out their fees then give u ur money either through ur bank or a card through the company. If anyone gets theres just post it here and I'll update it later.

I did see that the tt non filed tool and the irs non filer tool are the same company (Intuit) . Both years I checked the box "Someone can claim me as a dependent", still have not received stimulus check and see PSNA on IRS website. has it even been passed?No, that form was actually a tax return. Fantastic (-_-) . I had done everything correct as far as claiming the check but was still coming up with nothing. I'm assuming they both go though the same process which is why both groups are having issues. So that any american can get it without paying someone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. I don't see much about non filers, if you get yours please lmk when you filed, how you filed it and what bank!! Thanks in advanceOk cool thanks . I did about 8 days ago now. The IRS has to have my info because if I check my tax return status on the Where's My Refund tool on the IRS site it tells me that my Return is Received by the IRS and they are processing it. I entered all info and received an email from TT/intuit that my electronic stimulus submission was accepted by the irs , and that the irs will check my eligibility before sending my payment. I hope noone actually agreed to pay turbo tax to file that for themSame here, I filed using TT / Intuit non filer form April 10th and am receiving the same message on the stimulus tracker tool "payment status not available"According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.For more information on the eligibility rules, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.Same here, filed on April 10th and get “payment status not available”All that means is your about to be paid within the next week.

I filed as a non filers last time, and put my 4yr old down, but didn’t receive the $500 (just like everyone else didn’t.) To help with clutter I'll update this everyother day. I used the TurboTax tool and completed it on Apr 4th. That is part of the reason they set it up. Non filer through TurboTax Stimulus Registration Tool For Non Filers. I entered all info and received an email from TT/intuit that my electronic stimulus submission was accepted by the irs , and that the irs will check my eligibility before sending my payment. It seems you are getting more information than I am , at least they acknowledge that your return has been received and is being processed . Did you get this info from the irs or TT , I know it’s insane to contact them nowSo did you ever get the stimulus check??

?Has anyone who used the non filer portal thru Turbo Tax gotten their stimulus check yet? This will just help with keeping track who actually got a deposit/pending transaction for all non filer stimulus checks. I hope so.Press J to jump to the feed. That's where my brothers check wasnpending at. Upwards of 50 MILLION (last I checked a few days ago, so that number could be higher now) have received no stimulus check, or unemployment. 6 comments I just searched for a TurboTax thread, came here, as about an hour ago, at around 815 AM i went to check the IRS "Get my Payment" status for the Stimulus, having assumed all along they should have my bank info as I have had direct deposits the past SEVEN YEARS using Turbotax, and this year I had to PAY on my Federal taxes.Logged in, because I heard the website had crashed with people swarming the site, put in first info (SSN, DoB, Address), then told "we need more information" which followed with request to enter my Bank info, my AGI from my filed tax, the payment I made for taxes owed on my 2019 return, then submitted.

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