Without a solid stance in her thoughts, Nana wouldn’t have stayed loyal to Nobuo for long. In one of the first scenes she appears in, Miu is shown to be an excellent mahjong player. Because he is not as outwardly ill-tempered as Keisuke Takahashi, the mechanics of Project D tend to find him docile. He is considered an instinctive, rather than an intellectual driver, as At first, Takumi was not part of any team - he was just loosely affiliated with the Akina Speed Stars and had only helped during his first race at his father's behest - but, later on, was convinced by Ryosuke Takahashi to join Takumi often appears docile and weak-minded, but he is stubborn and strong-willed, and many remarks have been said about that by both friend and foe alike.
In chapter 38, Yuuichi and Natsuki break into the Obsidian Palace where they encounter QUEEN Mai. Sometimes, Shin wishes that he was never born because of his dysfunctional family. However, to those who have raced against him, Takumi possesses tremendous concentration and instinctive insight once behind the wheel (and these qualities are most evident when he is chasing after his opponent). Hailing from Italy, Takumi is the self-proclaimed rival of Sōma Yukihira. Trapnest was thriving because of Layla’s voice, Ren’s musical skills, and Takumi’s work. As the season of Fall turns into Winter, Natsuki is determined to make her relationship with Takumi work. And in the novel, "Natsuki Prelude" (also in the artbooks vol 1, 2), there's a backstory of Natsuki revealing that while she sent Takeda a rejection note (she thanked him and also apologized for not returning his feelings) she told herself that there was someone's feelings she must accept, referring to Shizuru (She was contemplating this in episode 25, after a conversation with Sakomizu only seen in "Natsuki's Prelude").

She debates whether she wants to chase after Takumi or stay with Nobuo. Would they end at a standstill resulting in me hating the author for all of eternity? It also became able to fire Diamond Cartridges, which freeze the molecules of their target with 'absolute zero' temperatures. Takumi Stressing over the 86's Engine before going to the mountain pass to battle WataruTakumi in the cover of the first volume of the manga.Takumi when trying to focus after Shiro spooks him with a heart to heartTake your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is also the former 7th seat of the Elite Ten Council. Layla wore a fake mask over her face and heart to hide her sorrow. Reading back over it, I can see so many things I could've improve on.I'm glad I got Cosette and Kookie Thief to revise this. Love has its highs and its lows; you never know what’s going to happen next.in my own opinion, the most toxic relationship was definitely between takumi and nana, the way he forced her to be with him after finding out she was pregnant, nana felt more lonely with takumi than she did anyone else, what he did to her extremely pissed me offCongrats on the feature!
Natsuki later confronts Shizuru in an emotional battle in episode 25, which ends with the deaths of the two after Natsuki kisses Shizuru and orders Duran to fire. Yasu finally had an excuse to release Layla when she said her band was going to Tokyo. After her “break up” with Takumi, she falls in love with Nobuo until she finds that she is pregnant with presumably Takumi’s child. He was too ashamed to admit to Layla the true reason why he left her.Shinichi Okazaki is the bassist for Blast Stones. Also, I noticed that Nobuo didn’t start to fall in love with Nana Komatsu until after her bitter break up with her ex-boyfriend and her unhealthy relationship with Takumi Ichinose.Meanwhile, Nana is a hopeless romantic. Then, she becomes Takumi’s fiancee.Nobuo Terashima, also known as Nobu, is the guitarist of Black Stones. He didn’t want any troublesome rumors to start because it could’ve potentially ruin Trapnest. She fell in love with Takumi but then went out with Yasuhi.

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