Esperanza's need for a change is evident, even in the ironic description of the "important" canteen, when in reality these children merely cannot return, as Esperanza can, for lunch. with her two kids and has covered her sofas with plastic so the For example, a man's threat "them are dangerousŠtake them shoes off before I call the cops" is a metaphor for the prevailing attitude that a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality is promiscuous and a threat. After they leave the dance hall, a car strikes Geraldo, In "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros, what does other characters say about Esperanza?In "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros, what does other characters say about Esperanza, and how do they feel about her?

She has to answer the police’s questions, The repetition of "naked light bulb" and "the light bulb always burning" symbolizes Esperanza's fear of suffering. So too, the rhymes are metaphors for the girls' characters. Only in retrospect does she learn that her new home is a place of belonging which she forges herself.
This section also marks the first time Esperanza must act as Like a typical child expressing guilt in the face of incurable suffering, Esmeralda blames herself- namely the choice to poke fun at Aunt Lupe's state in the imitation-guessing game she plays with Lucy and Rachel- for her aunt's long-anticipated death.

Metaphors for the body include "a little oyster, a little piece of meat on an open shell for us to look at." Previously, Esperanza has empathized with people only implicitly, This anecdote does not only serve as humor, or as an ironic commentary on how people will play on the credulity of others to make money, but also Elenita's home serves as a contrast to Esperanza's dream. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Esperanza comes with her most important question- if she will ever have a house of her own.
Elenita,Cards,Palm,Water By: Mitchell Simon, Kane Monthie, Brandon Wood Literary devices Personal connections , Our peer connection is how many people have large families. whether Elenita sees a house in her future, but Elenita sees only In this chapter, Esperanza wants to eat in the school lunch room, the canteen, because she is under the impression that "the special kids" eat there.

Out on the

The repetition of "hold" shows that, despite her desire to escape, there are many aspects of home that Esperanza cannot yet live without. When her reading finishes, Esperanza is disappointed with her answer, that she will have a home in the heart. in a glass of water, but Esperanza can’t really concentrate or believe

The author describes Esperanza's feet as "growing bigger and bigger" as she sits on the folding chair, which symbolizes her growing shame and inability to accept the offer of a dance with a boy. in the spirits.

Aunt Lupe broaches the idea that Esperanza might be The time. Poetic prose is also important in this chapter, as it manifests the strong bond and dependence Esperanza has upon her father, who up until now has remained a mysterious and reclusive character to analyze. her father. "All night the boy who is a man watches me dance. In this case, Papa's roots to his homeland, and the painful circumstances which pull him back, are emphasized by his reversion to his mother tongue to explain that "tu abuelitoŠesta muerto" (you're grandfather is dead.)

became of him and will not know he is dead.In “Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark,” Esperanza empathizes with

They baby won’t dirty them.

shoes by imagining what it would be like if her own father died. schoolyard it was different, and Esperanza and her friends took GradeSaver, 30 March 2000 Web.

answer choices . library books and read to Lupe, and one day she whispered one of For example, the nightmarish quality of the sickbed is revealed through the metaphor of "drowning under the sticky yellow light." This is difficult because there are so many different conditions that different people live in.

The shoes change the girls by giving them self-confidence and awareness of their blossoming sexuality.

She wants her daughter to have the things she does not. Esperanza herself admits that "I don't get it." a witch woman.

Elenita puts out the Tarot cards

The newfound sexuality Esperanza discovers she possesses is emphasized by her repetition of the fact that a boy watched her dance. While scolding her children and minding her traditional duties, Elenita conjures "los espiritus," prescribes folk remedies, reads tarot cards and searches for visions in beer glasses of water.

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