many switches located inside door along floor- have to bend over to see them even when standing outside. This was right before the Japanese auto industry ate our lunch for the next 20 years. We have two thousand miles left on our trip, but will trade this in at first opportunity. The bedroom divider won't close. Thor refuses to address it because it is past the one year warranty, although I thought the structure had a 2 year warranty. Overall I am very happy with the coach considering I knew that I was not purchasing a high end brand. We loved the quality that far surpasses all the other models in its class.

They discovered the overhead running lights were not cut properly and had to be sealed.

The truck functions, I enjoy camping in it, and it works for my needs. The exhaust pipe for the generator breaks off and is dragging. The exhaust pipe for the generator breaks off and is dragging. Gas mileage 8-10 MPG at 70+ MPH. Very nice wonderful ride and handling. MotorHome has a 10" screen in dash radio with color camera's for rear monitoring and Left and Right sides, navigation package, bluetooth, and Sirrus Radio. Class C motorhomes are built on a truck chassis with a van cab for the driver and passenger.

Not to big not to small, its like driving a big van.

We also discover rain coming in they the A/C unit in the garage. But I can't, because I got me a real Lemon. Loose pipe under sink. Within 30 days the countertop started to come apart. We are on our second trip. Could be attributed to driving coach.

Other issues: I purchased this unit in September 2014 and to date have not been able to utilize this unit as designed. I purchased this in May 2020 from Cruise America in Las Vegas and had an excellent buying experience. I have been trying to get this brand new RV fixed since May of 2020. Before you buy a new or used Thor product check out our RV Consumer Guides or RV Report service below:

And it has been a headache with electrical problems. The sprinter chassis is great but the tge Thor coach is built like garbage.

Very comfortable, stable to drive, no issues at all during the trip. The first leak came from the front cap. The hot water heater valves were not set to allow water to run from the hot water heater through the system. The estimate to repair is over $20,000.

And it has been a headache with electrical problems. On our first big trip, the grey water hose compartment, secured with a super cheap latch, opened, tearing off the hose and the door. How do they stay in business??! Cloth trim around passenger seat not attached to anything. Water selection valve need pliers to rotate.

Haven't used it much yet so hopefully I don't have to come back and change this. I knew that I was not buying an Airstream. Mind you now, I haven't even had a chance to use this RV and it will be out of warranty in four months. COMPARE Love the new 2021 Dash where they finally changed the steering wheel after 20 years.

Dumb, but fixable stuff. Quick and easy set up. Thor was very helpful with me in terms of locating another dealer to fix the issues and while it was a hassle they did pay for the work.

Setup in Wateree Lake RV Park and have been living in the motorhome fulltime since Memorial Day. Would be a good rig for beginners or down sizers.

We searched and compared for months before we decided on this model and floor plan.

However, the unit still doesn’t seem to move enough air through the You can unsubscribe at any time. There were a few problems inside with trim, bubbling on tint, poorly cut wood in the cabinets, a tear in the bottom of the mattress, etc.

Would I buy another Thor product?

It seems the termination strip at the rear did not have the seal strip removed and the roof was cut too short causing the rear wall to separate.

Class B+ Category: Citation, Siesta & Siesta Sprinter.

Thor Motor Coach Class C Reviews on RV Insider (285) Avg. are rated to hold 150 lbs. COMPARE

Had to repair it so we could continue our trip. COMPARE The electrical outlet in the bathroom pulled out of the wall the first time we used it and there were numerous other "minor" issues. The bottom of each drawers falls apart with a little bit of weight and the latches are absolute dog shit.
Window screen attachment design does not work. Love the layout, the color scheme the LED soft white lights EVERYWHERE. The whole side will delmanate if not attended to.

There were 6 broken screws causing the seal to fail. Note that the Cruise America Majestic 28a is a bit basic with few bells/whistles.

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