In June, 2018 Swift was hospitalized for hepatitis.

It almost wrote itself, according to Rateliff. You can drink yourself to death or you can die in a car accident. I think a lot of songs work that way for me. It’s surprising and a little unnerving for me to see it now.”“Time Stands” is a hymn, a showstopper, a gift from beyond, a song that asks more questions than it answers, yet it’s anthemic in its scope and delivery. But overall, it’s almost like I’m a different character when I’m writing for myself. His lost brother,” says Rateliff quietly.The two frequently discussed working on a solo album for Rateliff — his first since 2013’s “Richard was really excited about working on it,” says Rateliff. It was a very weird experience to be in a room that we’d laughed so much in. Nathaniel Rateliff explained, "We did this song in two takes.I was in tears when we finished it the second time." “Time Stands” is a hymn, a showstopper, a gift from beyond, a song that asks more questions than it answers, yet it’s anthemic in its scope and delivery. I guess I understood in some ways why he let himself go, so I tried to write from that perspective, to confront the emptiness that you can’t seem to get away from and the danger of letting it overtake you.There is very little here of the bigger-than-life-party starter with the rakishly titled hat and the knowing smile that you see onstage when he is fronting Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

They bonded deeply when they worked on the Night Sweats’ 2015 debut album which was certified gold in 2017.“Richard always would say I was like his twin. And soon after, on July 3rd, 2018, he passed away.Over the next few months, Rateliff tried to make sense of it all, feverishlyThe movement certainly jogged something out of his restless subconscious, helping him address some big life questions -- the ones that have stumped philosophers, statesmen and profoundWith Swift’s voice in his head, Rateliff set out to begin the album they had talked about at National Freedom Studio in Cottage Grove, OR. I think that’s the theme of the record.” I don’t think anyone knows how or when they’re going to go.”But Swift’s sad passing turned out to be a cautionary tale for his friend.“I wrote ‘And It’s Still Alright’ about Richard, but it just as easily could have been about me,” says Rateliff softly.

I was in tears when we finished it the second time.” “Kissing Our Friends” is a final painful goodbye to his wife, and a sure indication that he has moved on, regretfully. It’s not what cards you’re dealt, it’s how you play them.’ I think it was [science-fiction writer] Ursula Le Guin in He was determined to make some sense of his early travails on “I think I always want to see hope in the darkness, and I like to try to share that,” Rateliff says simply. “I guess in some ways it makes me realize that none of us is invincible. “I feel a lot of my solo stuff is more introspective and honest in a different way than the Night Sweats songs are. I always try to write from a perspective of trying to approach everything very honestly, even if it leaves me vulnerable.

For a moment I could wait to see it fall apart Every empty bed in every city I’ve been I sit and contemplate all the moments you said Time stands in a duel and I stand for you. The two were close, both having been raised in strict religious households and experiencing similarly wrenching crises over their faltering faith. He thought he was actually sequestering himself to finish writing the last few songs for Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats’ follow-up album to their self-titled 2015 debut. It almost wrote itself, according to Rateliff. I told her, ‘I don’t blame you. I felt that Richard was everywhere,” says Rateliff.“The unfortunate reality of getting older is you have to bury all the people you care about,” explains Rateliff. “We did this song in two takes. “Rush On” is an elegant farewell to his friend, a prayer for Swift’s for safe passage to where he’s headed out in the ethers. ".

Nathaniel enlisted Night Sweats drummer Patrick Meese and James Barone, friend of the band and monitor engineer, to help him.“It’s great when you get to work with other people that can see your vision and then see beyond it. I find out what I’m really thinking when I put it down in a song. It was very strange and very cathartic. Just be at peace, my friend.”Summing up, Rateliff says, “I think this album is a reminder that we all go through hardship, but regardless of the hardship everything ends up where it’s supposed to.

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