They will do a pretty darn good job but if your car is very dirty you will need to break out the buckets and wash mitt to get the best results.Soft touch is a great improvement over car washes that use large spinning brushes to clean your car. You may have even used a touchless automatic car wash and not even realized it was any different than a more traditional automatic car wash. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. duallys, etc.). The fabric is far gentler than brushes but they don’t eliminate the possibility of causing scratches and swirls in your clear coat. The presoak has a few vital seconds to dwell, loosening up grime, before being safely washed away.Did you know our brushes don’t actually use brushes? I know most people don't have access to a heated wash bay so during the winter months a touchless would be my second choice. Where you may notice a difference is in the quality of the cleaning you’ll see when your vehicle comes out the other end.

It should be noted that the harshness of the chemicals used are more likely to be damaging to protective coatings applied to your finish since they are less durable than the clear coat itself. Unfortunately it typically doesn’t do quite as good of a job as a more traditional car wash but the results are usually more than adequate.Touchless car washes should generally be okay.

Each nozzle is carefully metered, used with a carefully monitored level of car wash product, and uses water appropriate for its role; fresh water for most functions, low-pressure reclaimed water for low priority wheel or rocker panel cleaning, and purified water for our spot-free rinse.When you visit Tommy’s Express you receive one of the most modern, carefully designed and executed car wash services available anywhere.

If you do decide to run your car through a touchless car wash plan on re-waxing it shortly after. The conveyor and widened arches also accommodate all street legal widths for standard cars, trucks, etc. 1.5″ is standard). If you are using an automated touchless car wash infrequently you shouldn’t be concerned with your clear coat breaking down. If so, I would be VERY HAPPY to visit your car wash!! Strictly DIY, soft mit, water, car wash soap and a Sprite towel. These chemicals help the performance of the touchless car wash so it can produce a much cleaner result than with just pressure.

These car washes are what most people think of when they think of a local drive-thru wash. Big swirling brushes and rainbow soap surround your vehicle as you are pulled slowly through the wash until you exit out the other side. What I have found with the touchless though is that not all of the grime is removed, a hand washing is the only way to get a thorough cleaning. High pressure can’t completely replace physically touching the surface of your paint to get it clean. See maps, reviews, hours and more useful info. Instead all Tommy’s Express Car Washes use either a closed-cell foam or dense specialty soft cloth material that feels more or less like yarn, but far tougher and more unyielding. In the end, we encourage all of our guests to make the best decision for your vehicle– you know it best.I have vinyl decals on the doors and hood of my car, will your car wash lift those decals, or is it safe for me to take my vehicle there? I have not been able to take it through car washes that pull the van through because the mechanism that pulls it through would damage the side fender flares at the bottom of the van (that covers the ramp area). We cannot make any guarantees here, but the clearance at our sites is around 3 inches, so we are very confident that we’ll be able to help you out. Computer-controlled pressure and detergents with particular pH balances combine to help break the bond of the surface contaminants. Touchless automatic car washes theoretically should completely eliminate the possibility of scratching since there is nothing that physically touches the finish of the car. I’m not 100% sure on the tires but I would be surprised if they didn’t fit.

To learn more read our article about Car wash shampoo is ph neutral so that it will not harm waxes or paint sealants but still be strong enough to clean effectively. Soft touch car washes typically use strips of fabric that dangle down from an oscillating mount.

Keep reading to learn more about why you may want to rethink any automatic car wash.While automatic car washes are easy, they have downsides.

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